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Southern Africa Professional Trainers Association (SAPTA) Membership Benefits

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    Charles Cotter, PhD

    The SAPTA ExCo resolved that a R500 annual, associate membership fee is payable and dependent on the level/category of certification sought, this fee could vary from R1 600 – R3 500 p.a. Subsequent to a benchmarking exercise, the SAPTA ExCO are confident that these annual rates are highly comparable with similar professional associations/bodies – locally and internationally. 

    A list of the SAPTA associate membership benefits (R500 p.a), inter alia: 

    • Certification as a SAPTA member (Occupational or Independent) which means enhanced reputational status and credibility 
    • Attendance of SAPTA events (e.g. Launch; Networking and Developmental) at no additional costs and/or at discounted rates 
    • Networking and affiliation opportunities 
    • Subscription to a SAPTA newsletter 

    The above, standard membership benefits will increase exponentially, dependent on the level/category of professional certification e.g. Employed Certified Professional Trainer (R1 600) or Independent Certified Professional Trainer (R3 500 p.a) and typically could include, inter alia:

    • Legal and other forms of professional assistance 
    • Listed in a trainer ranking system 
    • Marketing and listing through publicized on-line profile (on the SAPTA webpage) 
    • Standardized booking, payment and cancellation policy/procedure 
    • Risk assessment of various training events companies and collective negotiation processes with these training companies (to avoid exploitation and to maximise earning/income potential) 
    • Participation in mentoring, coaching and other capacity building programmes 
    • Attendance of SAPTA endorsed development events which will qualify you for the required CPD points 

    I hope that this information assists and enables all occupational and independent trainers to sign up to SAPTA. 

    Any further questions can be addressed to the SAPTA President, Derek Hendrikz; SAPTA VP, Charles Cotter and/or SAPTA Treasurer, Graham Reid.

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    Alexander Robertson

    To me this fee at between R1600 and R3500 is rather high. I am a full member of the Maritime Law Association of SA and their membership fee is only R750.00 per year.

    Charles Cotter, PhD

    Hi, Alexander, I value and respect your honest feedback in this regard.

    The SAPTA membership fees were calculated based on a comprehensive local and international bench-marking exercise of similar/comparable professional institutions and are also relative to the (sliding scale) of offered benefits. To be fair, I’ve been professionally registered with a number of institutions, at similar annual membership rates, and apart from an accreditation number and certificate and the occasional correspondence, I have received no further support, guidance, networking/affiliation opportunities and or protection etc. from these bodies. There is also no concrete link between registration and securing/advancing my (part-time) employment prospects.

    SAPTA offers a host of tangible and reputational benefits and seeks to become the custodian of the rights and interests of occupational and freelance/independent trainers. Right now the balance of power in the training industry rests firmly with training providers/events companies and independent trainers do not have a recourse and/or protection against potential exploitation and mis-practice. SAPTA aspires to offer a collective authority and services to quality assure and protect the professional status and integrity of trainers and the training industry. Given these facts, it is tough to place a rand value figure on these benefits, but at a maximum of R3 500/annum, this surely represents a value for money proposition.  

    I invite and encourage other Freelance Facilitator group members to contribute to this discussion.           

    Des Squire

    Hi Charles, Please consider publishing full details of SAPTA for the benefit of members of this group – Structure, accreditation, activities and so on.

    Charles Cotter, PhD

    Thanks, Des, I’ll certainly do so. Regards. 

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