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NMU Webinar series – TVET after COVID-19 – highlights of first session

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    To all skills-universe members – remember a week ago I posted the invitation to a “not-to-be-missed’ Webinar Series on Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET)?

    The first session was today, lead by the Eastern Cape TVET Research Round Table (EC TVET RRT) lasted 3 hours & was full of informative presentations. If you missed it – please make the time to watch – & book for the next session.

    The recording will be posted on the Nelson Mandela University (NMU) site, but some quick highlights I took away from the session.

    I wasn’t expecting it to be so long & my shopping arrived delivered by Bottles, but fortunately I was able to carry my laptop with me to the kitchen, so didn’t miss anything – this wonderful new world of work 🙂

    On the 2nd October Miss Vongani Mboweni from DHET will be presenting on Remote Teaching and Learning at TVET Colleges.

    There was an excellent detailed intro & acknowledgement by Dr Lesley Powell an NMU Research Chair (& co-author with Simon McGrath of Skills for Human Development Transforming Vocational Education & Training ). If you look at the programme – re-attached – you will see the contribution listing.

    Ms Aruna Singh Acting Deputy Director General DHET – every disaster provides an opportunity. We were not going to be able to meet our National Development Plan (NDP) targets, but the upside of COVID-19 is the pressure to go digital – changes that.

    Ms Singh explained the limitations some students have, & the DHET plans to access devices. Wats App proved very effective – with radio. Not using the term “online learning” – but “remote learning”. She gave compliments to Higher Health for their contribution.

    Remember I posted on skills development as the poor step-child in DHET – after universities and schools? Well TVET feel the same.

    Also remember how TVET was hand-skills, artisan focused, & considered only suitable for those who can’t cope academically – that “parity of esteem” issue. (I think I must credit Ronel Blom – I seem to recall she was the first person who brought that to my attention.) Now that has changed.

    Mrs Tuletu Nongauza-Njengele the Deputy Principal at Ikhala, & Coordinator of the EC TVET RRT gave a presentation on the research being conducted within the TVET space. (8 EC TVET, 1 Community College, & 4 HE – WSU, Fort Hare, NMMU & CPUT). So instead of everyone else conducting research about TVET – TVET doing it for themselves – and now have the Masters & PhD candidates – both qualified and in progress.

    I don’t want this post to go on too long – so I will post a separate post for the WIL comments, and some priority areas identified by Mr Khaya Matiso.

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