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NMU Webinar series – priority areas for TVET

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      sylvia hammond

      Mr Khaya Matiso identified threats to the economy and priority areas for Technical Vocational Education & Training (TVET) colleges.

      Is our system ready to meet the needs of the unemployed? At home we face challenges following COVID-19 of businesses closing and retrenchments. The challenges are also international with events such as the trade war between USA and China, rising debt levels, and climate change.

      Internal challenges arise from our school system, students arrive at college without the basic mathematics, science, and technology skills.

      Priority areas to address for learner support:
      1. College governance – the council to concentrate on governance and not management.
      2. College management capacity to be developed, with effective staffing of key areas such as finance and HR.
      3. Governance and management require investment & re-investment. The colleges are under-funded – identified by DHET report.
      4.Financial aid system – needs to continue.
      But it needs to be:
      the right amount to the right student at the right time.
      Students require support & counselling services.
      5. Lecturer development is priority with ongoing support.
      6. Worker co-ops are a future response – why are people with qualifications looking for jobs?
      Need to support to become independent & work for themselves.
      Conclusion: there is a need to consolidate upon what has been done, and increase collaboration between the universities, TVET, and schools.

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