• Please help me a Final Summative Integrated Assessment for the above qualification.

    This is the only thing I want for my accreditation.

    Kindly email to


  • How long does ETDP SETA take to RPL, in the event that all requirements are met?

  • Greetings esteemed and honourable members. I am looking for someone that has a grant for Facilitation and/or Assessor in the Durban/Empangeni area and Jo’burg and surrounding cities. I need to apply for three people please.

  • My apologies if this discussion has been exhausted before I joined, but has anyone had any success in obtaining assessor or other certification from the ETDP Seta lately? Our training provider was excellent but she’s been waiting for more than 18 months to get a “window” (not sure what that means). Since she is in Cape Town, going there is not…[Read more]

  • I am desperately looking for someone who is well versed in the ins and outs of the Indicium system currently in (mis)-use at the ETDP Seta. I have tried contacting various individuals, at branch level, head office and even at Deloittes to help in this regard, but the “underperforming, no-leadership” mentality still prevails.
    I need to hook up with…[Read more]

  • Have you ever received Assessor and Moderator re-registration within 30 minutes? Most of you will answer no. Well, that was my experience with Shainaaz Rambehary from ETDP SETA this morning. Never ever have I experienced such delightful service, thank you very much.

  • Hi all, I’m seeking the CEO Ms Nombulelo Nxesi e-mail details please. When we phone the SETA to obtain this details we get negative answers. We’ve spend hours to trace the details with no luck. Anybody here that can assist with this info please. Big thank you!

  • Celeste Jacobs posted an update in the group Group logo of ETDP SETAETDP SETA 2 years, 1 month ago

    Hi Members. Do you wish to facilitate, assess or moderate in this field? We offer the accredited US117871 Facilitate learning using a variety of given methodologies; US115753 Conduct outcomes based assessments and US115759 Conduct moderation of outcomes based assessments to any interested parties. Our courses are all ETDP accredited and are…[Read more]

  • Leon Pienaar posted an update in the group Group logo of ETDP SETAETDP SETA 2 years, 1 month ago

    Hi. Not sure if I’m posting in the right group, but maybe someone can assist me. I’m without any success trying to get a DataNet User Guide from ETDP SETA for the past two weeks. No answering of phones, no replying on my EMails, and I got a few very unhappy customers waiting for the SOR’s. Anybody that can assist me please.

  • No problem.  We are both learning in this process, and so do others.
    The legacy qualifications are the ones that have unit standards (fundamentals, core and electives) the ones we have learned to love/hate over the years.  Yes, the original SAQA ones.  The normal qualifications if you must.  Well, I don’t have the list that still needs to be don…[Read more]

  • Thanks Lynel.
    Ok another question. The legacy quals you are referring to, is this the old quals? Then is there a list of what the QCTO is going to still align? As how do I know the legacy qual will be aligned to an occupational qual, or does it not work like that

  • Hey Fiona!  Ok, you are running in different directions, take one step back!  Hokaaaaai.
    If you want to offer legacy qualifications which is not on the QCTO website, get your accreditation application in (FAST), follow up, keep track of your mails – be a pain, ensure you get responses.  Don’t give up – be very strict on your progress.  If your “le…[Read more]

  • Ok thanks Lynel. So then we should anyway start with the ETDP seta accreditation first and cant just skip to QCTO right? We just register with QCTO and that is different to accreditation. We can run a legitimate training provider with only registration with QCTO right?

  • Hi Fiona, may I jump in here!?  One thing that is always welcome, is questions.  No question is stupid – I am normally the one asking weird questions (but don’t mind it at all).  If there is an occupational qualification on the QCTO website that you are running (but still using the legacy qualification) then you apply for accreditation to the QC…[Read more]

  • Good day Dr Jacqueline

    Pardon me if this is a stupid question. But if one wants to apply with QCTO, do you only apply for the qualifications that is registered with them, or can you apply for any qualification? As I have gone through their list of qualifications and it is not really what we are looking to offer. Most of our qualifications is…[Read more]

  • Hi Wilma, who is taking up these applications?  Let’s get to the names and take it forward.  This is hurting business, so this is not acceptable. 
    I don’t see a time or turnaround time per Phase – that should be taken up with the ETDP Seta – clearly this is needed, so that you don’t waste time on following up.  So there is a guidelines and pha…[Read more]

  • Thanks for the link, Lynne. My challenge is that the processes changed after I submitted.  I followed the steps that the SETA instructed me to do. 
    I read that other people have the same question – what is the time period?  That also changed after I was informed at the end of last year that the outcome will be made available on 29 February 201…[Read more]

  • Hi Adel, to whom did you forward your Phase A?  It is virtually impossible to wait 8 weeks for the first steps to be finalised.  Something is wrong here.  Just the fact that ETDP staff will say:  we don’t know …….  stops me and give a glare – that is not what you answer to a client/provider/learner/employer. 
    Did you take this up with Herma…[Read more]

  • Hi Jabu, if I was working at the SETA, I would have thought that phase A would take a maximum of 1 week only.  However, I do not work in the SETA, but this should be a quick process for sure.  Phase A is the quickest process, so I cannot see what the hold up will be with just the Intent to be ETDP SETA accredited.  The complete process, if the st…[Read more]

  • Hi Wilma!  I found the ETDP Seta Accreditation process – please see if you can open this link – if not then I will save the document and re-post it.  So, if Lesley tried to assist you (acknowledging that he is new) and referred this to Herman Letoka – then you need to follow up with him (don’t bother phoning, only email – to keep a track of your f…[Read more]

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