Employment Practices: Recruitment, Succession Planning, Labour Brokers


Employment Practices: Recruitment, Succession Planning, Labour Brokers

Looking for the following:
1. qualification and experience in conservation, Tourism, biodiversity, and protected area.
2. qualification and experience in the field of training needs analysis and training programme development.
3. Qualification and experience in business analysis and nature based enterprise development
4. Qualification and experience in community engagement and understanding of community dynamics.

Hi, I am writing a paper on Talent Management for my Honours Degree. Are there any academic articles / journals / online books anyone can recommend that read and reference for my paper. Thank you, Nicolette Coezee 0828949708 [email protected]

Hello Everyone

Part if my portfolio is to consult to other training providers as a soft skills specialist.

I know its not a new problem, but just recently I had 2 Training Providers cancel training on me literally 1 working day before the workshops. The one had already scheduled dates with me and sent me all materials to prepare. I only had to sign the contract but queried a few points in the contract, One of which, was that I was supposed to facilitate and assess the POE's without been paid for assessments.

Freelance Facilitators, Assessors and Moderators from all 9 provinces are invited to register on Khayalakitsi Innovative Designs (Pty) Ltd's ETD Practitioners database. The Company desires to ensure consistency with the provision of High Quality training to our clients, hence we invite qualified and experienced Freelance ETD Practitioners to register on our ETD Practitioners database.

Hi Everyone

I was just wondering how are companies dealing with the pension reform on payroll.  I know that the software companies are or already have updated their payroll systems to take into account the changes in the legislation.  This only comes into effect on the 1 March 2016.

The company contribution to the pension fund is now added to your basic salary and deducted again as a tax deductible deduction. 

1.  This obviously has an effect on the pension calculation I would think?  A higher basic salary?

Good day, 

I wonder if any one could give light on this topic as I have searched endlessly for answers.

Is study assistance contracts legal? And if so/not, where in legislation is it stated? I have a client who needs to train some of his employees due to legal obligations. But in the past, once he has trained an employee, the employee leaves the company only a few days after due to getting a better opportunity as he/she is now qualified or has a certificate on their name. 

Good day

I just need to get some clarity on what the institute expects from a freelance Assessor Moderator.

What are the chargeable fees today for Assessment and on a Moderation?

What to charge not to seem cheap, but still comes forth as a professional service fee.

How do you approach the provider?What scares them off and what to avoid in email correspondence.

How do you ensure a good relationship for future considerations?

I note that a number of providers provide accredited soft skills training which consist of  unit standards ranging from 3 to 5. Most qualifications consist of 120 or 150 unit standards.

What is the purpose of offering this training? Is to solve performance problems or what?

Hi all. 

Can anyone assist please.  Im trying to find contact details of an ombudsman or a particular body where training providers can be reported for non payment. The particular provider seems to totally disregard the basic respect of paying for services rendered. I thought I was the only one until I was approached this morning by a fellow assessor for assistance with getting payment.

Paul Benjamin, a director at Cheadle Thompson & Haysom Attorneys discusses this year’s most eagerly anticipated labour law case in the below and attached opinion piece. Benjamin is also a speaker at the upcoming 26th Current Labour Law Seminar.


 Battle over Labour Brokers Takes to the Courts

By Paul Benjamin, Director, Cheadle Thompson & Haysom Attorneys



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