Employment Equity


Employment Equity

Dear colleagues,

Hope you are well.

Can you kindly please assist with an Employment Equity letter, confirming an appointed EE Manager with primarily specific roles and responsibilities that would ideally be in a EE plan.

As this is part of compliance to the EE act.

With the attached letter, it states that the person will be the Chairperson and my manager disagrees with that, otherwise it also does not read well. Not straight forward enough.

Your help is appreciated.


Good Day,

I have a scenario, and would appreciate some input and guidance. 

Herewith the scenario:


1. Employer expands and request a Technician to work for a year in another province.

2. Note: Technician lives by parents (so no rent/groceries)

3. What legal obligation does the Company have in sending this Technician to another province for a year?

4.  Must the Company pay rent, water/lights, all monthly expenses (groceries).


Employment Equity requires companies to bring about change in leadership and at the higher levels of management where male dominance continues to maintain control

Recent research by a variety of organisations shows, that women leaders tend to have significantly happier, more highly engaged teams. Companies with women on their boards outperform those without and diverse teams outperform non-diverse teams. This being the case, why are companies reluctant to change and bring more women on board in leadership roles?

I’m looking for a qualified and experienced trainer with own material to train our office staff on Employment Equity as a one day course. In Centurion for 6 Participants, Please email info and cost to my email

[email protected]

In today’s competitive job market, companies are spending a great deal of time, resources and money to ensure the screening, interviewing and selection effort delivers high-quality candidates who are capable of producing desired results.

Research has shown that job performance, job satisfaction, employee engagement and retention increase significantly if a company currently has or recruits the “right person for the position”.

Following a recent Labour Court case involving Solidarity and the Minister of safety and security the issue of target as opposed to quotas in Employment Equity was highlighted. Judgement was handed down as recent as January 26th2016.

The case had reference to the SAPS employment equity plans for the period 2010 to 2014 which Solidarity felt amounted to (in relation to the gender and racial targets) nothing more than quotas.

The EE Act 55 of 1998 requires designated employers to submit an EE Plan. This plan is intended to outline progression towards bringing about equity in the workplace. Included in this plan is a section that indicates the representation of designated groups (black, coloured, indian and white employees) at all occupational levels. But in order to do this employers are required to make use of the relevant demographics of the country.

The problem of course is (1) where do we find the most up to date demographics and (2) which demographics do we use - regional or National?


More than Seventy of South Africa’s larger companies are the first to face court action over their failure to comply with employment equity legislation. The total number to be prosecuted is 1400. The need for transformation must now be taken seriously and the Department of Labour is adamant it will happen.

The Commission for Employment Equity 2014/5 report shows that transformation in EE is at a snail’s pace and that  white men continued to dominate at senior management level.

Dear Colleagues

I would appreciate if anyone could help with the above question: interpretation and application of EE legislation to industry charters. Would be appreciated. What areas would you look at?







Recent changes to the EE Act seem to indicate a need to change the basis on which we recruit and select candidates for positions. Is it sufficient to base our requirements on education alone or must we now also consider the competencies, abilities and previous experience (RPL) of candidates? How do we ensure fairness in terms of our recruiting and selection activities? 


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