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    Nigel Shipston

    To all TETA accredited training providers, the policy is for External Moderation to be carried out on a quarterly (every 3 months) basis. This requires a minimum of at least one internal moderation every three months in order to apply according to the quarterly External Moderation requirements. This aspect is critical for re-accreditation, as are the pre-requisites of uploading Learner details and results.

    Selected Internal Moderators should ensure that the provider is ready for External Moderation and give appropriate guidance for remedial activities which will ensure positive External Moderation results. Internal Moderators should also be prepared to justify their decisions should such be questioned by External Moderators.

    Selection of Internal Moderator/s should be based on appropriate registration, experience and ability to offer services of value to a training provider. The purpose of an Internal Moderator is not to endorse results to keep the training provider happy and ensure payment for internal moderation services, but to ensure that the training provider is in a position to apply for External Moderation and reasonably expect a positive External Moderation result.

    Lastly, as External Moderators are not necessarily Subject Matter Experts in the field of the training provider, the Internal Moderator should be able to offer justifiable advice regarding circumstances/conditions peculiar to the field of the provider which may affect mistakenly endorsing/not endorsing results.

    The current conditions, in particular that of the Lifting Machinery Operator training environment, is such that many training providers are not following the uploading of details and results, moderating and External Moderation processes, resulting in Operators Certificates issued not being valid. Having not had results appropriately recorded and/or endorsed means Operators will be operating with invalid Certification.

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