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Services SETA Assessor/s + Moderator/s required urgetly for US’s 14522 (242585) + 10053 +10622+ 10067

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    Jacqueline Klem

    Hi All


    I havea client who has been having problems getting their in-house assessors and moderators finalised by the Servces SETA. So now their own accreditation is hanging in limbo, as they cannot get accreditation without an assesor or moderator as yo all know.

    I am therefore URGENTLY looking to sign an external assessor+ moderator contract with an assessor/s + moderator/s in the Gauteng region for the following unit standards PLEASE.

    These are all Services SETA Unit Standards:

    14522 – replaced by 242585 but the Services SETA only recognise 14522 on their online application





    Please contact me on if you can assist us.

    Happy days


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    Would be very happy to assist but am in Durban.  Keep me in mind if you need anyone here in KZN  Col


    Hi Jacqueline. Contact Des or Marco for assessors and moderators, they seem to have many independent ones for this kind of work!

    It is SUCH a pity about the Services SETA – they have slowed down their services unbelievably. What used to take three weeks is taking nearly a year now……………….I think there is a lot to be said for outsourcing vital functions as a SETA.

    There should be a fund called  ” Funds for providers losing income because SETA’s take too long to administrate registrations etc.”

    Good luck.

    Jacqueline Klem

    Hi Paula

    Thanks a lot for this. I agree. This company is in danger of losing a massive contract because we cannot get a letter confirming their accreditation status due to the assessor/ moderator issue/ All assessors & moderators have been registerd on the unit standards before, but now they cannot get their re-regastration.

    Big big mess

    Jacqueline Klem

    It is actually not just the accreditation side that is an issue. One of the staff has been waiting for his EDTP certificate for assessor and moderator or MONTHS now. Cannot register as  constituent assessor or moderator without the EDTP certificate – so more LIMBO!!!!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 6 total)
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