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    May you kindly shade some light on how assessors are being paid. Thanks 

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    Yes, I think that this is a valid question.

    I know there is a lot of assessors that wants to know how to calculate there day rate or rumeneration per assignment.

    Please provide us some guidelines

    Looking forward to the comments



    Zandile Dludla

       I don’t know the going rate but my view is that a  Moderator or Assessor should be paid from R150. 00  per portfolio depending on the content.  I  have assessed and moderated scripts. I get paid per script and the amount varies depending on the question paper. For example  I get paid more for a 100 mark exam paper.

        Portfolios of Evidence in general have a lot of information and the people who want Assessors  and Moderators should be prepared to pay for  that.

      Before you agree on the rate make sure that you have seen at least one portfolio.

       Can anyone tell me average rate for Facilitators. I have seen adverts with ridiculous amounts.


        I am looking for a Moderator for Unit Standard 14348 “Process incoming and outgoing calls” – part of the Call Centre/Contact Centre Qualification 71490.    Please contact me – Carole – at Career Computer College – or 0829097776/011 027 2516


          I am looking for Moderators and Assessors who would be able to assess written assignments as well as portfolios.  I was quoted R270.00 per hour yesterday by a retired doctor who had a look at what would need to be done.  I am also looking for Moderators and Assessors in the Western Cape, Transkei and KZN.

        Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 12 total)
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