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     HI All
    > Can some pleasew help me out with the list of training programme under SSETA which one can Seek accreditation.
    > I am a registered assessor with ETDP and I want to be accredited by SSETA in other programmes this are the programmes I have covered/trained at so far.
    > plz contact me @ 0748413059 or
    > Institution : Education With Enterprise Trust (EWET)
    > Course/Training : Entrepreneurship Training & Advisor Training
    > Year : 2004 – Certificated
    > Course Modules : Life Skills, Understanding Market Economy, Business
    > Idea, Evaluating the Economy, Setting Goals, Market
    > Research, Plan the Business, Plan Business Finance,
    > Plan Human Resources, Business Promotion, Selling
    > the Product, Business Accounts, Business Records,
    > Leading & Managing, Business Communications &
    > Entrepreneurship as a Career.
    > Institution : Life Empowerment Training Skills (Trained by: Gray Training)
    > Course : Basic Financial Literacy NQF Level 2 – Unit Standard 10718
    > Consumer Education Course (Finance For Non- Finance Mangers)
    > Modules/Topics Covered
    > : Take Control Of Your Money 1 (NQF Level 2 – Unit Standard 10718)
    > What is Debt; So where is all this money Going;
    > How can I spend more wisely; How can setting goals help me; How can
    > budgeting help me; How can I get the best deal if I have to take a loan;
    > What about credit; Basic consumer rights:
    > (NQF Level 2 – Unit Standard 10718)
    > Borrowers Education/All About Home Loans:
    > What is credit;
    > Rights & Responsibilities of borrowing money; Make sense of your financial
    > options; Unpack mortgage options; Unpack non-mortgage loan options;
    > The cost of buying and owning a home; Budget for your home;
    > Consequences of defaulting on your home loan payments.
    > :
    > The Law and You – All you need to know about buying a house:
    > (NQF Level 2 – Unit Standard 10718)
    > Road to buying a house – Understand the course structure.
    > Define Tenure and different types of tenure.
    > Documents and the Law – Contracts, parties involved & legal responsibilities
    > Types of Titles – Full Title; Sectional Title & Title to Vacant Land
    > Identify sources of financial aid & qualification criteria
    > Making an informed decision in identifying a good house
    > Tracing the house purchase cycle
    > What is involved in moving in
    > Explain the rights and responsibilities of home owners.
    > Institution : Careways Group
    > Course/Training : Employee Financial Planing
    > Manager Coaching
    > Generic Employer Wellness Programe
    > Interpersonal Relationships
    > Employer Awareness Programme (EAP) Manager Training
    > Health and Nutrition
    > Change Management
    > Substance Abuse
    > Year : 2010 (Non-Certificate Training)
    > Institution : Academy Training Group (STG)
    > : Conduct Outcomes – Based Assessment SAQA ID 115753 NQF Level 5
    > Course/Training :
    > Understanding The National ETD Structure
    > The Role of the Education Department
    > Overview: Outcome Based Education (OBE)
    > Understanding of Legislation.
    > SAQA Act No 58 of 1995
    > National Qualification Framework (NQF)
    > 12 Fields of Learning
    > Standard Generating Bodies (SGB)
    > Consultative Panels
    > Department of Labour
    > Skills Development Act No. 97 of 1998
    > Skills Development Levies No. 9 of 1999
    > Sector Education & Training Authority (SETA)
    > Learnerships
    > Skills Programmes
    > Outcomes Based Education
    > Critical Cross-Field Outcomes
    > Principles of Good Assessment
    > What Is Competence
    > Formative & Summative Assessment
    > Evidence & Quality of Evidence
    > Types of Evidence
    > Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)
    > Role Players in the Assessment Process
    > Assessment Related Policies and Procedures.
    > NQF Standards & Assessment
    > Understanding the Unit Standard
    > Elements of a Unit Standard
    > Unit Standards & Qualifications
    > Assessment Process
    > Pre – Assessment Stage
    > – Preparation for Assessment
    > – Preparing the Learner
    > The Assessment Stage
    > – Collect Knowledge Evidence
    > – Collect Performance Evidence
    > Evaluate Evidence & Make Assessment Judgment
    > Provide Feedback
    > Re-Assessment & Appeals
    > Document & Record Assessment Results
    > Review & Evaluate The Assessment Process.
    > Year : 20 – 22 October 2010 (Certificated & Registered ETDP SETA

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    Hi Godfrey,

    Go to the Services Seta website and check under ETQA, Accreditation. There should be guidance for you there.

    There are people that you can talk to to make this possible.

    If that fails, pls give me a shout and I will try and get you more specific information.


    Hi Themba


    I have completed the online registration and I am confused by the 3rd and 4th steps…I have done only assessor course which has credits and other courses that I have done..I can say are just informal trainngs with certificates which are not seta accreditted.


    As per my CV I have done numerous trainings and have experience and would like accreditation so that ican have the benefits of doing assessment on those field shopuld Iget the opportunity to do so.


    these steps I am talking about is step 4 – NQF registration and step 5 – decleration..I have attached my CV on the posted discussion could you please go through it and give me advise on how and which SETAS can I get accreditation on cbecause all my life I have been doing training as a facilitator in numerous fields up until i did my assessor course.


    Your assisstance in tis regard will be highly appreciated.

    Kind regards,


    Godfrey Jezi


    Themba Peter Mpofu said:

    Hi Godfrey,

    Go to the Services Seta website and check under ETQA, Accreditation. There should be guidance for you there.

    There are people that you can talk to to make this possible.

    If that fails, pls give me a shout and I will try and get you more specific information.


    Hi Godfrey

    You can also search on SAQA’s website for relevant qualifications and unit standards which you want to be registered against. Go to this page, and type in a key word such as management, leadership etc. (which ever you think is relevant). They system will then produce all qualifications that include unit standards or references to these keywords. You simply check the content to see if you are albe to assess it (based on either qualifications you obtained or work experience), write down the ID and NQF and send this to the relevant Seta. You may find that you are able to register with more Setas than Services if you follow this process. Good luck!

    Handri – Thrive Learning Facilitation

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