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    Dereck Ncube

    Good day ladies and gentlemen,i trust that i find you well.I have a question on Moderation.If you moderate for a provider and produce a report(with some Assessor decisions having been overturned)when the provider gets the PoEs to fix them and sends them back to you for cross checking,do you have to produce another report(sort of re-moderation report)? Or you just make a note indicating that all concerns have been addressed?

    I hope to hear from you

    Derick Ncube

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    Jaco Koortzen

    Hi, I suggest you take it as a ‘new’ moderation and make a new report.( in which you can refer to the previous one) 

    Siphokazi Nyabashe

    Hi Derek

    I suggest that you add an annexure in the form of the checklist for the assessor to tick all your highlighted gaps when fixed. This should accompany your original report when they send the files back and serve as a point of reference for you. You can add a comment on the original report and give a final decision with a new date when the Assessor decision is NOW upheld.

    Des Squire

    You could just do an abbreviated remediation report

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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