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    Jaco Koortzen

    Hi everybody, I came across the above, that was done in the mechanical field/trade and have some questions about is. Topics are mention that providers must: be accredited, Comply with QCTO, NAMB, Meet the set criteria’s for facilitators/assessors/…., apply ‘VASC’, follow the company QMS, …. and so on. Bearing all the above in mind, perusal the following that I came across:

    1.The internal moderator state the whole qualification being done, but only done the fundamentals, 2.The internal moderator is not accredited for this qualification, 3.The internal moderator not accredited for all the fundamentals ; 9=yes and 4=no, 4. This qualification is not the internal moderators trade field, 5.The ‘seta’ (external)moderator did upheld this above mention moderation. When question, state the any moderator can perform this, as he/she only moderate the possess.

    Question- Why does this ‘seta’ ETQ application for assessor and moderator state/request the following?: “Names & NQF levels of whole qualification(s) or u/s based qualifications you wish to be registered against.” Why register per u/s and or qualification as a moderator?

    Anybody please give feedback and especially the ‘seta QA’s.¬†

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    Graeme Lategan

    Your question is not very clear – but my take on this is that – You may be a moderator for individual US with in a qualification.

    This being said then you can only moderate on those subjects.

    No external or internal moderator can merely state that anybody can moderate for the sake of modertaion. This would be against legislation.

    On the other hand no one can ever be a moderator unless he or she has the SUBJECT EXPERTISE in the field originally assessed.

    if this is happening  then their QMS is flawed because it makes business sense to have a Moderator to moderate the entire spectrum of a qualification and not part of it РWhy??? well simply how do you cost that and how does it speak to consistency.

    The process they are following if understood clearly is illegal.

    Jaco Koortzen

    Thanks Greame, I view it as you said it. But, that’s what happened in the ‘market place’!

    It’s sad,I’ve been involved with the development of 2 new trade curriculum’s and we wrote into it the ‘specs’ to set a standard to comply with, but ‘people’ still do as please and get away with it. With these curriculum developments it was put to the “sets’s” to apply(force) the rules. Seems that mediocrity has become the rule and incompetence are acceptably.

    Des Squire

    Hi Jaco

    I am attaching an article that I trust will help to clarify the situation for you.

    Jaco Koortzen

    Hi Des,

    Thanks for feedback, it confirms my understanding & implementation of assessments & moderation’s.

    Have a nice day.

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