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Is there a new approach to Summative Assessment Instruments?

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    I have been involved in assessing and moderating the NQF 4 New Venture
    Creation qualification for a service provider that is accredited with
    the Services SETA for quite a few years.

    Those members who were involved in the course in 2004-2006 will remember
    that learners had to write a final external summative assessment paper at the end of the course. Then the system was
    abolished and training providers were allowed to design their own
    internal summative assessment instruments. Earlier this year I heard
    that the external examination is coming back, but whether that is true I
    cannot say. This is not the reason why I am writing.

    A few days ago however, I received a call from someone who mainly deals
    with MERSETA. The person asked: “How far did you get with the
    development of your summative assessment instrument, because nobody
    seems to get it right?” I did not know what she was talking about, because the provider I moderate for has its own internal
    summative assessment instruments and no external moderator has ever
    insisted on something other than what they are using at the moment.

    Did I perhaps miss out on something?  If it seems to be the case, any info will be appreciated?

    Kind regards

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