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Information needed about accreditation and areas to specialize in

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    Im currently a teacher, busy doing my Assessors course now.  Where do I go from here? Someone mentioned something about ‘fundamental unit standards’ and doing the unit standards for ‘skills development facilitators’ ?  My question is actually very broad!  I can do with some advise!  Thanks

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    Siphokazi Nyabashe

    Hi Susan, your question is really broad. Let me try to explain this. After you finish your Assessor Course and get your certificate, you need to register as an Assessor with various SETAs depending on the scope of work you can assess for example if you specialise in Hospitality you can get a bigger scope to assess with Cathsseta but you can register with other SETAs as well. If you want to be a Skills Development Facilitator, you must do an SDF Course. Ask the training Provider that you are currently registered with, they will give you an information about the SDF course, the costs, the unit standards and how to register as an SDF after you qualify. To register as an Assessor, you must get the registration forms from the SETA websites or call the SETAs directly. You then need to attach your Assessor Certificate and Statement of Results, Your CV, Copies of your qualifications and Copy of Id. The SETA will then send you your Assessor Registration number with a list of Qualifications and Unit standards that you can assess.

    Hope this helps.

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    Cobus Cato

    Hi Susan. Siphokazi is right, there is however a difference between the schooling system and the broader industry. You will have to decide where you want to assess and look at possibilities in that environment. When I say “where” I mean do you want to stay in the schooling environment or are you planning to move into the general industry. If you decide to leave the schooling envirnmoent then assessments against National Unit Standards, which include Fundemental, Core and Elevtive Unit Standards, will be the way to go. In the Skills Development arena things are changing as rapidly as the legislation changes. This is most certainly a topic which can trigger a huge discussion. You are most welcome to e-mail me at if you want to hear more of my comments/suggestions.



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