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      Nangamso Thole

      Good day Everyone

      I am a newly registered assessor and moderator and I need your help. How does it work in terms of sending your registration documents to someone who is looking for free-lance assessors and moderators? How will you know that they will not use your details and documents for their accreditation process?


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      Tshepho Sebata

      Eixhhhhhh a challenge coz some may use it without your knowledge .

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      Abraham Onyemari

      Its rather unfortunate that you find such dubious service providers out there that are extremely dodgy and some on skills universe.But you can never tell. Services seta is the most efficient because as your registration is tied to your email, you get alert emails and you can begin to act by either calling the services seta helpline or call the service provider and verbally addresse the wrong.
      Otherwise, please clarify before sending registration docs out. But some red flags ring like this, please send docs as project will start ASAP or blank statements claiming to be in need of assessors and when you clarify, you find out that they need your documents for extension of scope or tenders and they will be saying nice things to you, even accept your conditions just to get what they want. But the issue is when they do get it, no one gets back to you. And if they do, they will lie. And having made a fool of you, you will have no choice than to move on.

      My strategy for extension of scope is to charge them, if they are serious, they will drop the money and if they not, then your time would have not been entirely wasted. As time goes on, you will get to know some of the unhealthy and unprofessional maneuvers untilized by these SP(s)and guard yourself against them. Good luck.

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      sylvia hammond

      Hi Abraham,
      Thank you for responding to Nangamso with your advice.

      I am extremely concerned with your comments about providers on skills-universe. We did have this issue raised before – and it was made clear that providers need to make clear exactly what the status is – that is do they have an actual project – or are they looking for extension of scope – or an accreditation.

      I have asked members to give me reports & evidence & I will delete & block providers who do not do this.

      I have recently deleted & blocked a member for similar misrepresentation.

      Please provide me with the name of the provider & the evidence that they have used assessor or moderator information without permission, or under other false circumstances.

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      Renee’ McGibbon

      Hi Namganso and All,

      I often look for freelance Facilitators, Assessors and Moderators on Skills Universe on behalf of my clients. Yes, we do need staffing for the accreditation process for my clients, but my clients enter into contract and Service Level Agreements with successful candidates. It is not merely for accreditation purposes as my clients have a need for these services once accreditation is achieve as they do not have staff who can fulfill these functions. The credentials that are submitted for contracted freelance service providers are linked to the providers profile at the SETAS as well. If providers want to change their Facilitators, Assessors and Moderators once accreditation is achieved, they need to formally notify the SETAS is writing and replace them with others who also have the necessary credentials.
      I can understand why some freelance service providers feel that they submit their credentials and possibly do not hear back from the training providers for some time after they have signed SLA’s. This is because of the time taken for accreditation to be awarded which (in most cases), is far beyond the SETA mandated 90 working days for the process to be concluded. Providers also then need to begin the actual training process and conclude the training, after which the assessment and moderation processes begin.

      Most start-up training providers do not have the budget initially to employ full time Facilitators, Assessors and Moderators until such time as their training offering is fully operational and they can accommodate full time staffing.
      My suggestion to freelance Facilitators, Assessors and Moderators who have signed SLA’s and contracts is to keep in touch with the training providers and build relationship’s with them. Bear in mind, most of them are “first time providers” who still have to go through the processes of training from learner enrollment to learner certification, as accredited providers. It is a learning curve for all of them and most of them would appreciate that you are taking the time and interest in assisting them with their processes. As registered Assessors and Moderators, you can provide them with guidance on how the process works.
      The providers that I deal with genuinely need the assistance and guidance of their contracted freelance Facilitators, Assessors and Moderators in the training process.

      If you feel more comfortable, as freelancers, you would be well within your rights to request an upfront fee for providers to use your credentials, which you can offer to refund once they begin using your services. If they genuinely need your services after accreditation is awarded, they will be happy to comply. Bear in mind, they cannot complete the training cycle unless they use your services.

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