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    Johan Moller

    Good day I just want to find out how do a person prove them self if they don’t get a change to prove them .
    You did all the theory studies and then no body wants to give you a change to show how you can perform .
    It is just unfair .
    I’m a accredited assessor with Merseta and Service seta .
    Moderator with Merseta .
    Skills development facilitator .

    Johan Moller

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    sylvia hammond

    Hi Johan,
    thanks for your post – I think some training companies are really going to be made at this comment but I can’t help wondering whether there is a bit more required after the training.

    I have had questions from people who have attended assessor training, and don’t know what to do next – what SETA to contact – etc.

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    Des Squire

    I could not agree more. I am innundated with queries from assessors and moderators who have completed training, been declared competent and who still do not know how to register as assessors or moderators. In addition they have not been told they must be subject matter experts in order to register. It is actually disgusting to say the least. How are these people being trained.
    I also do nto believe a three day training course where the POE is completed in the classroom should be permitted, the need for experience and the completion of a real factual assessment is an integral part of the training and POE building.
    Similarly with Johans comments – how are the practical aspectsd of the training being covered by providers. We are all supposed to be professionals and its high time we started to act as such. Providers must deliver training as set out in the various unit standards and must adhere to the various guidelines and regulations.

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    Johan Moller

    Good day Silvia and Des ,
    I’m already accredited with Merseta and Service seta .

    The question i’m asking is how must we get practical experience if no company wants to give you a change to prove yourself .


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    Anton van Niekerk

    Good day Mr. Moller,

    Where are you situated?

    you can contact me on 082 885 1519 or

    looking forward to hearing from you.

    Kind regards

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    Johan Moller

    Good day Anton i’m from Mpumalanga ,Limpopo region

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