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Fair rates for Assessors and Moderators

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    Jo Kearney

    Hi there
    I would like to get some feedback and suggestions from other assessors and moderators with regard to what you would consider as a “Fair Rate” to charge for a Learnership with 37 US’s with a total of 147 credits?

    Any suggestions with regards to rate/credit or rate/workbook/POE

    The last update I could get by Des Squire, dates back to 2016?
    (See enclosed)

    Any feedback and or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



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    Zanele Mofikoe

    Good day

    Attached is some guidelines I came across a while ago. The rates posted by Des were applicable in that time, unfortunately our industry has since been flooded with “practitioners” why ch has forced most of us to lower our rates drastically

    Zanele Mofikoe

    Unfortunately the file I was trying to send you does not want to upload. I could email you the attachment I was trying to upload.

    Colette Heunes

    Hi Zanele
    Can you please email it to me as well:

    Thank you.


    Marvin Ogle

    Good day Zanele….could you be kind to please email me as well

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