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    Training Company is looking for Accredited Assessors and Moderators. We are looking for these people to become part of the database, so if there is a need we would be able to have a look on the database to see if we have someone available. They must be accredited with the relevant SETA.

    The criteria will be as follow :
    Accredited Assessors and Moderators for various qualifications under the following SETA’s :
    TETA      –     (Transport Education & Training Authority)
    CETA     –      (Construction Education & Training Authority)
    MERSETA    (Manufacturing, Engineering and related Services)
    SSETA    –     (Services Sector Education & Training Authority)
    HWSETA   –   (Health and Welfare Sector Education & Training Authority)
    WRSETA   –   (Wholesale and Retail SETA)
    AgriSETA  –   (Agricultural Sector Education & Training Authority)
    THETA     –    (Tourism, Hospitality, Sport Education & Training Authority)
    FIETA      –    (Forest Industries Education & Training Authority)
    ESETA     –    (Energy Sector Education & Training Authority)
    MQA      –      (Mining Qualifications Authority)
    We would require the following documentation also :
    – A registered constituent Assessor / Moderator
    – Certified copies of certificates
    – Detailed CV
    – EDTP statement of results
    – Certified copy of ID.
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    Hannetjie Hock

    Hi Tommie


    If ever you require an assessor for Qualification 58063 FETC Labour Recruitment Services, let me know.


    thank you

    Hannetjie Hock

    Rolf Kühnast

    Hi Tommy,

    Who is this service provider?

    I have already submitted full certified details to Servicesseta, as well as the ETDP statement of results in order to re-register for the qualifications as an assessor and moderator.

    If this service provider is above board, they can advertise under their own banner.

    I want to know who they are, before I submit any personal details to them.

    There are far too many fly-by-nights in this industry already!   


    Hi Tommi,

    I am a registered assessor with MERSETA, Services SETA and HW SETA. How would you like me to get you the information you are looking for?

    Regards, Graeme Chittenden



    I can Help with SSeta please send me your e-mail adress

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