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    Vuyolwetu Ntetha

    Dear Members

    Is there a standardized rate for facilitation, assessments and moderation?

    Is there a different rate for accredited or non-accredited training?

    If there is, where can I find the guidelines?

    Your assistance in this regard will be appreciated

    Vuyo Ntetha

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    Pierre Wepener

    Hi Vuyolwetu,

    No, unfortunately there is not. The only standardised fees available, are the SETA’s fees for learnership and then still it is the Providers prerogative to decide how much of the budget will be allocated to for compensation of facilitators, assessors and moderators.

    This is a question which is as old as the NQF itself. Providers need to budget according to the funds of tenders awarded, standard course fees. direct, indirect cost but there is no – “One Size Fits All” approach.

    To get a benhmark on the average fees paid, the following factors are mostly considered:
    [1] The Level and credits on the NQF applicable, to the programme facilitated, assessed or moderated.
    [2] How many hours, days will involve contact learning.
    [3] Expenses for traveling and accommodation.
    [4] The type of assessments involved, Formative, Summative and the Assessment methods for example; Knowledge Questionnaires, Projects, Essays, R&D, Checklists etc,
    [5] The number of POE’s to be assessed or moderated.

    Fees vary greatly from provider to provider and to forecast/ project fees, get easier over time.

    If I may share a benchmark for example in terms of the Old 50334 Qualification (ODETP) – maybe it can shed some light – but kindly understand that this is according to my own experience and by no means indicative of any other provider’s payment policy on this forum.

    Facilitator Fee per day: R2800
    Assessment per POE (it means Formative, Summative, Feedback Reports and all other POE admin included) R350 per POE.
    Moderation per POE = R350.

    In the end it, the scope of the Project Awarded in terms of the Number of learners involved, always effects the final payment structure.

    Hope it helps! 😉

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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