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Email address visible in a google search

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    Carol Knox

    Hi can’t find where to post this and an email address is required. Why is my email visible on Google. It says here it is visible only to me? Urgent reply would be appreciated. Many thanks.

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    sylvia hammond

    Hi Carol,
    I see that you posted this in Assessors & Moderators group – it probably would have been appropriate in Help Desk.

    Thank you for your very interesting query. We have just done some research on your question.

    So, we have tried to cater for different needs of different members. Some members are very protective of their information, and others want it all out there to make contact for business purposes.

    We wish to make email addresses visible only to the person because that stops people coming in and “harvesting” email addresses. On a number of occasions over the years I have posted advising members on that. But as I say some members want to be visible.

    Now we accessed Google and it appears to us that you have just made a change to your setting. That would mean that from our site your email address is not visible.

    Unfortunately, we have no control or influence over Google. They will scan and update, as we understand, daily.

    So there would be a period before they have come fully up to date. During that time our site would not display your email address, but Google has not yet caught up. Once they have, then it will no longer be visible on Google.

    You can imagine that they are not updating everything on the planet in real time. So they have a roll around scan and up date.

    Finally, I cannot guarantee that some other operation has the details cached – in an old version.

    That is the best way I can explain – I hope that it makes sense.
    Please come back to me on my email – for any further explanation.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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