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Comparing the responsibilities in formative & summative assessments

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    I have permission to repost an interesting article, posted by
    Cathy Taitz (MBA) Education Consultant and Author
    on Linked-In on 1 November 2020.

    A notable difference between FORMATIVE and SUMMATIVE ASSESSMENTS in higher education.

    “Formative assessments are premised on educators being co-responsible for students’ progress and most importantly students’ metacognitive skills development, whereas summative assessments are premised on students taking responsibility for their accomplishments (and their failures).

    To support and set ONLINE STUDENTS up for success, it is helpful to include self-assessment ANALYTIC RUBRICS with their formative tasks.

    An analytic rubric annotates the LEARNING OUTCOMES (i.e. competencies/success factors) using explicit, observable descriptions in ascending levels of achievement (e.g. from ‘beginner’ to ‘accomplished’).”

    See the attached example:
    * “learning criteria are listed in the rows of the rubric;
    * columns describe the levels of achievement; and
    * cells articulate characteristics of performance for each intersection of row and column.

    With education comes great responsibility…”

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    Kerrin Badham

    I really like this, thanks Cathy. Very helpful.

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