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Bartering – Pro Bono whatever, anyone interested?

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    Andrew Friedemann

    I am one of those people that feel we in the industry should share ideas and work together to make all of our business work better.

    I have a project I am working on (urgent) that I need some expert advice about. No it will not take a lot of time, but you may well find what I am doing very useful yourself and you are welcome to use it yourself when finished. I am looking for expert Moderators or Verifiers for this…

    I am working on a new Moderation practices template and need some outside criticism (constructive) Basically what I want to know is is it fit for purpose?

    I have developed it, using freely available APP, a moderation process which allows one to carry out onsite moderation using any tablet or Android phone, (not windows) including gathering signatures and photographic evidence, and this can all be in your office, or dropbox or email before you leave site. 

    The technology part is sorted, what I need is comments on the questions asked and process. Does it meet the national standard for moderation, one of the biggies we always get criticised on during verification.

    If anyone is willing to help, please inbox me privately and I will send you a PDF of the questions/topics first, (Essentially a layout of the report without real content) and once I have finalised this then I will send you the actual template which you can use or modify yourself for your own purposes.

    Anyone interested?

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    Wow Andrew keep us updated. Not an expert yet  but would love to assist even if it is for testing

    Jaco Koortzen

    Andrew, it’s interesting & would like to assist.


    Hi Andrew, Sounds great. I want to help if i can.


    Andrew Friedemann

    Thanks all – I will be in touch later today.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 8 total)
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