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Assessors get raw deal

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    Dear All – Assessors, I a have seen and heard a lot of misgivings about what training service providers are prepaid to pay for assessment services. Compounding this is the fact that assessor ourselves do not sit down and agree on what our services are worth and charge the same to force providers to comply with what we deem the worth of our work. It is true that the work the assessor puts in the work is too much in comparison with remuneration it gets at the end of the day. There are ways I belive assessors can use to get a better deal though not a satisfactory one.

    • We should separate the fees for the POE from the Summative Assessments within it.

    E.g If a programme is at NQF Level 2 and you charge R 250.00, you can say Summative Assessment is R 800.00          If the POE is for one Unit Standard the total cost will be R1050.00 per POE.

    • If the POE is for more than one US every US has its Summative Assessment charged at the same price.
    • The Summative Assessment fees will increase as you go up the NQF Level hierarchy.

    This is the only way that assessors can get the worth of their services. It is true that service providers will resist this but we should not loose memory of the fact that they are making a killing of the sweat of poorly rewarded assessors. It is only when we stand our ground that we can can a better deal.

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    I am both a provider and an independent assessor, so can see things from both sides of the coin.

    The problem with charging R1 050 for assessing 1 unit standard, is that you are forcing providers to charge an astronomical amount for the course to their clients and what will happen is that clients then won’t choose to pay for accredited training, so learners won’t get credits, providers will lose business and assessors will lose work.


    Thanks for your perspectives, Peter and Glenda. While yours is welcome you both do not say what you think will be resonable to all parties.

    Remember the work the assessor puts:

    • ensuring that the POE is properly compiled.
    • All SOs are satifactory met.
    • The Workplace Assignments to be marked.
    • The Summative Assessments.
    • The Assessment Report to the Provider,Moderator and the client/learner
    • The Re-assessments involved.


    Let this be a candid debate with full disclosures of the size of the cake at stake.




    Hi Fikile

    I know how much work is involved, as I conduct assessments myself and the amount of time I spend on them is never met by the payment, as I like to do the job properly and like to give lots of feedback.

    I just thought it important to see things from the other side as well.

    It is hard to determine a specific amount to pay an assessor, as Ezra is right, it depends on the amount of assessments within the POE, the credits, the level, the volume of work received and the time is takes to complete an assessment.  I have been paid anywhere between R200 and R450 for an assessment per porfolio.  It’s very hard to have a standard, as there are so many factors to take into account, so I like to get all the facts before I quote to do the work.  Have a lovely weekend.


    As much as we as training providers want to pay higher assessment rates, it simply is not always that possible. The reality is the higher the assessment (and facilitation) fees, the more expensive courses become for clients and the more likely they will rather go to a provider with a cheaper price. So, in the end the training provider will loose business with the higher prices and consequently the assessor too will loose work. No learners = No Business for Training Provider and Assessor.

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