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Security Cluster Ministers reveal Lockdown Regulations

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      sylvia hammond

      Personally, I don’t think that one’s personal politics or ideology matter, it is clear to see that since the end of January, South Africa has been following a highly organised process in response to COVID-19.

      After President Ramaphosa declared a state of disaster on the 15th March,2020, the President consulted widely, including the social partners of business and finance, labour, and religious bodies.

      The Ministers were organised into 3 clusters, namely: the economic, social, and security clusters. Those clusters have been consulting widely in their constituencies, and presenting to the public, via recordings to radio, and attendance of print and digital media.

      Today (25th March 2020), the security cluster presented, and gazetted the Regulations for a nationwide lockdown, which is in accordance with globally identified best practice.

      The Regulations are attached, key issues are:
      * which sectors are deemed essential,
      * the requirements for transport of key workers,
      * procedure to be followed to move around, and
      * which activities are closed to the public. Notably all bottle stores, and all alcohol sections of supermarkets, and all religious places of celebration and worship.

      The key point of the restrictions is exactly that – restriction – of social movement and activities. Even dog walking has been decided as not appropriate. The point is to stay inside.

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