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Call to dti & DHET – Open letter on Impact of COVID-19 upon SDA & Triple BEE

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    Managing Director of SDF Corp – Amanda van der Merwe applies 20 years of experience to analyse the impact of the COVID-19 lockdown.

    The implementation of the Skills Development Act (SDA), and the implementation of Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment (Triple BEE) – upon skills providers, learners, and employers, who are Measured Entities for Triple BEE.

    Request dti to review:-
    * how TPMS will be measured
    * how goals & targets will be measured, and
    * extension of expiry date for Measured Entity BEE Certificate.

    Request DHET to:
    * provide funding to cover payment of learner stipends
    * utilise Discretionary Grant funding, special funding, or National Skills Fund (NSF), in order to ensure survival of skills providers, and the conclusion of training and qualification of learners – post COVID-19.

    Please do not respond to me directly, respond either:-
    * on this discussion, or
    * to Amanda at SDF Corp – details on letter, or
    * to ASDSA – Association of Skills Development for SA, or
    * directly to National Command Council via call-in or WatsApp to media briefings.

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