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Registration with DHET – how complicated is it really?

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    Lynel Farrell

    Calling all members to share their experience and obstacles faced in the application for registration to DHET!

    I would like to find out the following:

    1. As a Private Provider, what was your experience and obstacles faced with the DHET application for registration?
    2. As a Private College, what was your experience and obstacles faced with the DHET application for registration?
    3. How was your feedback received?
    4. What surety did you submit (from whom and what did it cost?)
    5. What OHS Certificate did you submit (from whom and what did it cost?)
    6. How many individuals did it take to complete this application, and how long?
    7. What costs did you incur with this one application excluding the R500.00 that needs to be paid to DHET just for the application alone?
    8. Did you experience any “small print” / misunderstood any stipulations on the supporting documents required, that should be known to all to avoid remedial action which will cost an additional R500.00?
    9. Did you apply for registration to DHET in your personal capacity as a provider/college?  Or did you apply through an institution offering this service?  If so, please advise the name of this institution!


    I am trying to benchmark various submissions, so that we can have some sort of idea of what the implications, costs, obstacles, choices are.  Any feedback on this will really help others. 

    Should you for any reason not want to share this information in the public domain, but would like to contribute your experience in order to help others, please feel free to email this to me!!

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    Lynel Farrell

    I know this has only been posted today, but I am really sitting on the edge of my seat, waiting for some input here.  I am so interested in hearing (or should I say reading) any possible comment here.  Has no-one gone through this process?

    Lynel Farrell

    Not sure if I should get worried here…………………….. no comments?  Did I just hit a wall, a no-go sign, a point of no return, a road block or a blond complication? 

    Corne Erasmus

    Lynel, approximately 18 months ago I requested a SETA ETQA official provide me with pointers / advice on DHET application process – until today I have not received as much as a whisper.

    Another official, on being asked the same question, told me not to worry too much about it “for now.” ;-(

    In fact I was advised to hang in there for a while, because providers accredited for full qualifications might be registered automatically with DHET. Well, well…nada!

    Lynel Farrell

    And I got a response!!!!!  Whoop, whoop!!  Thank you Corne, I thought that perhaps no-one saw my discussion that I posted.  Now I can breath.

    Now, if I think about this.  18 months ago, would be a complete frustration.  If you ask the same question now to a Seta official, you could get the same response.  However, now is the time to ask the very same questions, and you should be given guidance.  Wanna try it out, and see if you come right?  Do you know anybody that has gone through this process? 

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 142 total)
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