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    Lynel Farrell

    Dear Members,

    Various questions to the QCTO have been collected from Skills Development Providers nationwide which will be addressed with the QCTO. I have already submitted the below questions to the QCTO, which they are busy working through (allocated to different departments for feedback).

    Kindly take some time, go through the questions, and should there be any other questions that have not been listed, please forward them to me.

    1 Accreditation (new submissions):
    1.1 If a provider only wants to apply for a part-qualification which is stipulated within the Curriculum Document, will the QCTO accept the application for only a part-qualification?
    1.2 Once an application for accreditation is submitted to the QCTO, what is the turnaround time for the site visit (if all the requirements are met in phase 1)?
    1.3 If the provider contact details have changed, what is the process to update this, and who does the provider notify?
    1.4 When accreditation is issued and approved by the QCTO, how long does it take to reflect on the SAQA website, under that specific occupational qualification, as a listed provider?
    1.5 How long does it take from accreditation issued by the QCTO, to be listed as an accredited SDP on the QCTO’s website?
    1.6 Are Providers whom are not accredited by the QCTO for FLC allowed to offer FLC as they please, or must they be accredited by the QCTO in order to market this programme?
    1.7 What is the timeframe from site visit completed by the QCTO to the letter of approval? (Is there a set schedule for this?)
    1.8 When will part qualifications be registered – as some are listed but not available?
    1.9 Does the QCTO issue the provider with a QCTO Certificate once accredited, which they can display in at their premises?

    2 Accreditation (re-accreditation):
    2.1 What is the turnaround time for re-accreditation by the QCTO?
    2.2 What is the cost of re-accreditation?

    3 Letter of Intent:
    3.1 According to the DHET accreditation must be in the legal registered name and not in the “trading as” name. Will the QCTO accept the letter of intent if is in the trading name (as the SETA accreditation is in the trading name).
    3.2 If the provider is only accredited for a number of unit standards (not a full qualification), does the provider apply directly to the SETA for re-accreditation without having to complete the letter of intent?
    3.3 If the SETA insist that a letter of intent is required in order to action the re-accreditation application (for unit standards only), can the QCTO issue a letter specifically addressing unit standards and skills programmes that can be used by the provider?
    3.4 What is the turnaround time from date of submission of the letter of intent for full legacy qualifications?
    3.5 Should there be no response from the QCTO after 30 days of submitting the letter of intent, how does the provider escalate this for a quicker response?
    3.6 If a provider wants to extend their current scope, do they still have to complete the letter of intent, and what is the turnaround time? (Note: possible contracts will be lost, if the provider cannot give supporting documents in time – this creates loss of business)
    3.7 When will the QCTO System be up and running, and when can the provider start uploading learner enrolments themselves?
    3.8 What is the cost of the license to the QCTO LMIS system (is it annual)
    3.9 Once accredited with the QCTO, what process does the provider follow (if any process exist) to apply for funding, to run the programme?

    4 Development of Qualifications (new):
    4.1 What is the process flow when an industry wants to develop a new occupational qualification, having experts ready and available?
    4.2 How long does it take to develop a new occupational qualification?
    4.3 Who funds the development of a new occupational qualification?

    5 Realignment of Legacy Qualifications:
    5.1 Can a provider requests that a legacy qualification be re-aligned as an occupational qualification?
    5.2 Do you have a process flow, with steps and time frames of how this process works?
    5.3 Who funds the realignment of a legacy qualification to an occupational qualification?
    5.4 Can realignment of a legacy qualification be done without the SETA?

    6 Occupational Qualifications:
    6.1 When will occupational qualifications be registered as Learnerships?
    6.2 How is funding allocated for occupational qualifications, and which department will deal with this (for Employers)
    6.3 Is there a clear guideline (process flow) on how the learner will write the EISA in conjunction with the CEP?
    6.4 What happens if there is no AQP allocated?
    6.5 Who is responsible for the EISA (occupational qualification) and who is responsible for the FISA (Legacy Qualification)
    6.6 Once an occupational qualification is submitted to SAQA for registration, what is the turnaround time?
    6.7 What is the process of lodging contradictions/mistakes in a curriculum document?

    7 Complaints:
    7.1 Letter of Intent: response received by provider from QCTO, turnaround time is indefinite? This is not acceptable, how does the provider escalate this, as learners will be affected by such a delay.
    7.2 If an accredited provider have not been listed as an Accredited SDP under the QCTO for more than a year, who does the complaint go to?
    7.3 QCTO website: revise the way the current list of occupational qualifications are listed, as it is extremely difficult to go through each name.
    7.4 QCTO website: updated list of qualifications currently being aligned – date of submission to SAQA would also be appreciated.
    7.5 Monitor contact per SETA, could there be a list of allocated individuals that work with each specific SETA o the website?
    7.6 Response turnaround time is not sufficient after 7 months waiting – it is not satisfactory – where can we escalate this issue please.
    7.7 When will the QCTO policies and guidelines be updated on the website (should this be done annually)

    8 General Questions:
    8.1 Some occupational qualifications stipulate that the Assessor must be registered with a specific SETA. Will the QCTO also start a database of Assessors and Moderators against each occupational qualification?
    8.2 Who is responsible for the OFO codes?
    8.3 Will the QCTO give each SDP a standard QMS with policies and procedures?
    8.4 Can a provider design and develop their own RPL toolkit for an occupational qualification, or will the QCTO or AQP prescribe this to the industry?
    8.5 Will legal compliance training be designed as part-qualifications by the QCTO (Health and Safety Industry)
    8.6 Will First Aid be developed by the QCTO as a part-qualification?
    8.7 When will the QCTO have another set of roadshows in each province, whereby providers are addressed (no presentations of projects) – straight forward to the point – guiding and working with providers to build on the future relationship with the QCTO.

    Once response have been received on all the above listed questions, I will post the feedback (to make your life a bit easier).

    Should you prefer to email me your input or questions, you are more than welcome to do so. My email address: (please ensure that my surname is spelt correctly, otherwise I will not receive your email).

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