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    Hi Please can anyone assist with a contact person at QCTO.

    We have been accredited with Merseta since 2014, our re re-accreditation was in Feb this year. PRIOR to our accreditation we were advised to send a letter of intent to QCTO advising we wanted to apply for re-accreditation. We received a letter backk stating we should apply to Merseta. We did his, they came to our offices and did the site visit and approved our re-accreditation. Then they advised that they needed the QCTO to approve their reaccreditation. We have been waiting since the 23 May.

    Does anyone know who I can contact at the QCTO to get this sorted out, also why do you have to send a letter of intent, get approval then get approval again after the approval from the seta???

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    sylvia hammond

    Hi Tracey,
    I would suggest please contact Thomas Lata at QCTO directly.

    & please let us know what happens.

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