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QCTO / CETA Re-allignment of Qualifications

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    Bridgette Hattingh

    Hi All,

    I am writing in a flat panic. I kicked off the construction CETA accreditation process 6 months back and I am almost there, I’ve had feedback from CETA regarding my file and I only need to amend a few minor items. I’ve put my heart and soul into this, time energy and money! I am now hearing though that there is a chance that this is all for nothing as CETA and QCTO are in the process of re-alligning (and even scrapping) courses. This has sent me into a panic. Where can I check if my course is one of those affected? I’ve been to QCTO’s website and checked under their lists of “current registered qualifications” and “under development qualifications” and I don’t see my course listed there, but I still can’t help but feel extremely worried. Is there any progress on this QCTO course allignment matter or is it ongoing? Should I be worried? Would appreciate any advice.

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    sylvia hammond

    Hi Bridgette,
    Thank you for posting your concerns about your situation. There are a number of members here who can advise you – I am sure Lynel will respond.

    I am not clear what your qualification is – and whether it is a legacy qualification. If it is, it is appalling that the CETA have not advised you – in detail – about what is happening with the re-formatting, or lapsing of those qualifications.

    From my side I would suggest that given how much you have invested in this endeavour, and how advanced it is, that you need to contact QCTO directly, and so I would suggest contacting Thomas Lata will be able to advise you.
    His email is

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    Adel Griesel

    Morning – I must add I did a submission for a very well known retail company on a qualification and believe it or not.. the file with all the info got “lost” 3 times. I have this client on my back for so long.. and it looks so unprofessional however, I would suggest maybe to go to the CETA office and see them, then pay a visit to QCTO but Lynel is the guru with whom and where at the QCTO. Also join her workshop if you in Gauteng area. I just wanted to share my experience as well. Good luck!

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    Bridgette Hattingh

    Thanks everyone. Appreciate the advice. I will definitely make contact with QCTO to find out what’s going on. It’s been a fairly stressful process so I’m hoping for a positive outcome. My course is a SAQA alligned qualification and oddly enough I have a referral letter from QCTO sent on 14 May to tell me that I can go ahead and apply for the accreditation via CETA. One would think that if there were issues that they would have let me know in that email… Instead I am left not knowing what’s going on at this point. Anyways, I will need to carry on regardless, I’ve come too far to give up now.

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      Lynel Farrell

      Hi Bridgette, I am sorry that you are struggling with your application. My understanding is that you applied to the CETA, and you need to make some amendments/adjustments – do this first. Yes, it is true, that if you have applied for a legacy qualification that have not been aligned to an occupational qualification, then you will again have to apply to the QCTO to be an accredited provider for the occupational qualification. All legacy qualifications will be re-aligned to occupational qualifications, and skills programmes/short courses will be re-aligned to part-qualifications.

      There is a list of registered occupational qualifications and a list/register of qualifications currently in development phases. Please note that these lists are not updated on a weekly/monthly basis, so it could be slightly outdated. My understanding is that once SAQA registers the occupational qualifications, the QCTO updates the website with “batches” of new occupational qualifications.

      There is a lot of complaints from providers, whom submit applications with learning material to SETAs and it gets lost all the time unfortunately. When you apply for accreditation to the QCTO the process is slightly different, and I have not heard any application that have been submitted to the QCTO that got lost as yet.

      You are more than welcome to email me, so that I can look at your QCTO letter, then we look at the SAQA qualification and any recorded notes on the legacy qualification. There is no need to panic at all, nor to give up!. My email address is:

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