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Letter to DHET Minister Nzimande – requesting help

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    The following letter has been sent to Minister Nzimande:

    Dr. Nzimande,
    As a result of subsequent information which has come to light from DHET evaluation reports on Private Training Provider Applications for Registration, the situation is more serious than originally anticipated. The attached Addendum to the original submission of 8 May 2017 is submitted to clarify new information.

    The matter is now becoming critical, with less than 20 working days to the gazetted deadline and far less than 10% of the Private Training Providers applications having been processed. Irregularities in the receipt of Applications by DHET has resulted in an unknown number of Applications having been returned without following the required Regulatory process.

    Your intervention is crucial in bringing stability to this situation, threatening the existence of thousands of SMME Private Training Providers.

    Your consideration of this matter would be appreciated beyond measure.

    Yours faithfully,
    Nigel Shipston
    Registered: SETA Assessor, Moderator, Verifier
    Partner in the JC1 Group
    081 048 5943

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    Thank you, Nigel. I have advised all our providers of this

    Lynel Farrell

    Dear Skills Universe, small and medium providers. I tried my best to get hold of Dr Blade today, but was not able to, as he was in meetings not close by. I tried to see the DHET Chief of Staff, but she is on study leave. I have stood at the DHET office for just over 3 hours to get hold of Dr Buthelezi, but he was too busy for me. I wanted to let them know that we need an urgent meeting as our industry is in distress, but I was unable to get through to them. We will continue supporting providers, and in return all we need is your continues support please.

    Kate Sani

    Dear Sylvia / Nigel. Out of curiosity, has Dr Nzimande’s office / his DG’s office acknowledged (in writing) the receipt of this letter?

    Andrew Friedemann

    Thank you for the effort…

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 16 total)
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