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Education and Quality is Key for SDPs – Let’s get this right!!

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    Lynel Farrell

    Let’s get this right, first time!

    This is a repeat Post (AGAIN). We did start this year with a lot of confused educated individuals. For the seasoned Practitioners, this will be just a confirmation of what we know (so you don’t have to read further), but for the new practitioners, it might be helpful. Many Practitioners have noticed that individuals are not educated correctly. A couple of facts needs to be placed on record:

    1. When an individual are upskilled by an accredited provider to become an Assessor, Moderator and/or Facilitator then you should know the difference between a legacy qualification and an occupational qualification. Oh, and you should know what a SETA stands for.
    2. Once an individual have achieved and obtained their SoR, they should know very well, that in order to Assess and/or Moderate that they need to register by the appropriate SETA. (Note, there are 21 SETAs)
    3. Individuals need to be well aware that the word registered is used (NOT Accredited). To all Assessors and Moderators – please understand, that should you state that you are an accredited Assessor/Moderator, providers will not even look at your credentials – you are registered, and legal entities are accredited.
    4. Assessors and Moderators – you should know, that you need to continue staying current with being registered with the SETA. Ensure that your registration does not expire, keep it current at all times. If you do not have scope for specific unit standards/qualifications – please don’t say that you do, as that is misrepresenting as well as fraudulent. You either do, or you don’t.
    5. Providers that have been educating learners, should know that they need to be ACCREDITED by the SETA(s) and/or QCTO with approved learning programmes. It doesn’t mean that if you have an accreditation number, that you can offer all learning programmes under that specific SETA – you need to have approved scope to do so.
    6. Providers: you may be accredited by all the SETA(s) and the QCTO, if you wish to run legacy qualifications and occupational qualifications parallel – nothing is stopping you. Please ensure that if you are accredited by the QCTO, that you do NOT make use of their logo in your marketing material or your website – it is forbidden to use the QCTO logo, unless you are SoC/SoE.
    7. Providers: if you have applied for registration with the DHET, and are listed on the: List of Skills Development Providers (applicant) which is published and was continuously updated by the DHET, this does not mean that you are REGISTERED with the DHET. The application for registration as an SDP to the DHET have been revoked as of the 7th February 2020. The DHET will be communicating with you soon regarding the way forward. Please wait for your letter, give the DHET time to distribute over three thousand letters.
    8. Providers that have obtained Registration with the DHET (whom are only Accredited under SETA/QCTO, and are listed/published as private colleges (279 recorded) – you will be receiving a notification from the DHET whereby your current registration will only continue until your expiry date, whereby you will be requested to return your DHET Certificate, and your name will be removed from the Register.
    9. Providers, if you are accredited with Umalusi and/or CHE then you will continue with your annual submissions to the DHET (it’s been like this for years, and so it will continue).
    10. Learning Material Developers: Note, that there is no such thing as Pre-Approved Accredited Learning Material or QCTO Approved Learning Material. The QCTO does not pre-approve learning material. On the site visit the QCTO Verifier will inspect the learning material against the Learning Material Matrix that was submitted with the initial application for accreditation.
    11. Providers – before purchasing learning material for accreditation application purposes – please check with your SETA first, if they have in fact developed the occupational qualification learning material – and how do you go about obtaining the learning material from them.
    12. Learning Material being purchased for Occupational Qualifications – REALLY people, obtain a sample – if any of the sample material indicates the words “unit standard” then you know it is not written for an Occupational Qualification.
    13. I don’t know where this new trend is coming from, but if you are a legal registered company, you CANNOT be accredited under another company or pay a license fee to be accredited by them. Legal Registered Entities/Businesses/Companies whom are accredited by SETA/QCTO CANNOT approve/authorise you – only the SETA/QCTO can do that. Accreditation cannot be transferred, shared or run like a franchise – this is not KFC.
    14. QCTO Accreditation Applications – well, what a mess this have become. Providers, please ensure that you compile your documents first, before you capture your online application – make sure you meet all the requirements. Not being 100% ready or compliant will not benefit you at all.

    #my2cworth – over and out!

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    Lynel Farrell

    Next time, I might just write a book!

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