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    Marietjie Niebuhr

    Thanks, Dr Baumgardt, I am so relieved now!

    Dave Riekert

    Hi Cornea

    Het jy hierdie artikel geskryf na jou beoogde vergadering met die 3 partye (QCTO, SAQA en DHET) in Johannesburg op Woensdag 22 Feb ’17? Nogmaals dankie vir jou baklei.  

    Cornea Bruyns

    Hi Dave

    Yes and I have sent it to everyone who will possibly have an email with the above parties.

    This in essence holds the problems I am having with the registrations.

    I will let you know how it goes after my meeting or if I get any feedback from anyone of the +-150 mails 🙂 I sent out.

    Alti Kriel

    Hi Cornea

    We have discussed the exact issue with regards to First Aid and single modules with Mr Thomas Lata at the CAT Policy meeting, and they took note of it. We represent a whole group of providers who are offering single unit standards as well and a huge issue is that the QCTO did not think through the consequences for providers offering short programmes on the NQF – they now agree that modules will be allowed to be offered but it does not seem that they will do quality assurance on it and the providers can issue their own certificates, ad the QCTO will only ‘step in’ once the person has completed a Part Qualification or Full Qualification. We also indicated to Mr Thomas Lata that we need to meet on this as this will definitely be doom and gloom for providers who do not train up to standard. When are you having your meeting with the QCTO and with whom? Maybe we can schedule our meetings at the same time as we also need to find answers to the same issues?

    Frikkie van Tonder

    Thank you Dr. Baumgardt.  Unfortunately we are up against a wall.  It is not easy. I am from the ETDP SETA and we are waiting for Diplomas and Certificates since 2015.  I don’t know what to think of it.  Is it on purpose or just a lack of interest? Or vindictive? We cannot function like this.  Another company sent them a letter of demand from their lawyers and they received their certificates the same week. Today I’m going to see my lawyer for the same.  It’s costing us money and we should not have to work this way. I am tired of fighting.

Viewing 5 posts - 11 through 15 (of 37 total)
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