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DHET Compulsory application form and guidelines everyone is looking for!

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    Lynel Farrell

    We have received so many requests from training provides nationwide, as to where the application form and guidelines are. To make this easier for you, we have jotted down the following, for ease of reference, and peace of mind.

    1. Go to
    2. Click on Resources
    3. Look under the Heading Documents, and click on Forms
    4. Scroll down to Forms 2008
    5. The third pdf document: Application form for the Registration of Private FET College (FPX-01)
    6. The fourth pdf document. Guide for completing the Application for Registration as a Private Further Education and Training College (FPX-01)

    Note 1 of 4: The compulsory application for registration with the DHET:

    The main reason for this registration is to regulate the sector and reduce the number of bogus/fly-by-night providers and support the clamp down on fraudulent qualifications.
    The registration and accreditation of Private/Independent Education Providers offering Qualifications and Part-Qualifications (NQF Level 1 – 6) which are registered on the NQF, need to apply for registration with the DHET.

    The requirement in Communique 1 of 2016 applies to private education and training providers and skills development providers, irrespective of size (small, medium, large) to register with the DHET, if you are offering any OQSF qualifications or part qualifications registered on the NQF and quality assured by the QCTO (or SETA). The sub-framework over which the QCTO has quality assurance jurisdiction is called the Occupational Qualifications Sub-framework (OQSF).

    The aim of Registration is that all private TRAINING providers be accredited by one or more of the 3 Quality Councils (CHE, QCTO and Umalusi). Currently, Umalusi and CHE are fully in charge of accreditation of Training providers that offer or seek to offer qualifications/part-qualifications from the 2 councils Sub-frameworks (General and Further Education and Training; and HQSF). Given that QCTO is a new addition to the existing old 2 Quality Councils and is still building capacity in its various areas of responsibility, the QCTO has delegated its function of accreditation to SETAs.

    SETAs are by no means Quality Councils but are “agents” to which QCTO has delegated a specific function (Accreditation) until QCTO is able to execute this function on its own. The DHET recognizes this specific arrangement and as a result accepts SETA accreditations for registration of private providers as Private Colleges (Level 1 – 6, Form FPX-01) and as Private Higher Education Institutions(Level 7 and 8, Form APX-01).
    Don’t confuse the applications, if you complete the wrong application, it will be rejected. This will mean that you have to start all over again.

    Note 2 of 4: So let’s look at a summary specifically for FPX-01:

    1. Requirement of ALL Accredited Training Providers / Skills Development Providers (SDP), whether accredited with a SETA(s) or the QCTO, must apply for registration with the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET).
    2. Training Providers / Skills Development Providers who are currently registered with the DHET, will need to re-register when their registration ends.
    3. Training Providers / Skills Development Providers who have submitted their application for registration with the DHET will be listed and published on the DHET website as from January 2018.
    4. The deadline date for registration with DHET has been extended to the 30 November 2018.
    5. The DHET is aware that the application form FPX-01 and guideline is from February 2008, and needs to be reviewed and updated.
    6. The FPX-01 application form request proof of Umalusi accreditation. This is outdated, the accreditation provider needs to provide SETA/QCTO provider accreditation approval as well as the scope of approval (unit standards, skills programmes, qualifications).
    7. The FPX-01 application form and guideline makes reference to CIPRO, which is outdated, the requirement is the company registration documents from CIPC. CIPRO doesn’t exist anymore.
    8. Training Providers/Skills Development Providers must be registered as a company according to the Companies Act of 2008. Thus, whether the company is registered as a NPC (Not for Profit Company), PTY Ltd, Closed Corporation or any other classification/status listed. Any registered company status that falls under the Companies Act, if accredited as a provider with SETA/QCTO must apply for registration with the DHET.
    9. The minimum requirement of the Annual Financial Statement that is part of the supporting documents within the application must at least have a review statement by accounting officer / auditor. Follow the requirements according to the PIS score.
    10. Various exemptions for specific components within the application will be accepted, however it will require a letter with the reason for the request as well as supporting documents.
    11. Copied documents must be declared/certified by any office of the South African Police Services (SAPS) see page 13 of the DHET guideline of 2008.
    12. All applications for registration must be provided in hard copy, and ring-bound so that documents are secured. Submissions may be couriered to DHET in Pretoria or hand delivered.

    FACT: submissions cannot be submitted electronically at all.

    JC1 ETD Consultants have extended their working hours in order to assist accredited providers with the application for registration with the DHET. For more information and our pricing/fees, please visit our website:

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    Lynel Farrell

    Kindly share this information with your network. By sharing we could make a positive difference, even if it makes a difference in one training provider’s current situation in not having any knowledge or information regarding this compulsory application. My request to you, is to pay it forward. Let’s share the information. We have worked on this for a year now. It doesn’t cost you anything to share information that is important.

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