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    Lynel Farrell

    It’s funny how, when you offer a service, under promise and over-deliver, that your clients gets super excited!. Those who decided to make use of our service, to compile the application for registration to the DHET or application for accreditation with the QCTO, have been extremely satisfied with our processes. We have received comments like:

    “But, that was too quick, you made it so easy!”

    “Your process is so detailed, I have been struggling for months, and just left it (gathering dust), until you took over and guided me. What a relief!”

    “I drove to the department twice or was it three times?, It’s about 320km one way, to get some clarity, and failed to get clear guidance (actually more confused than what I was before I took my journey to Pretoria). So glad we approached you, now we understand the application, thank you!”

    “I would’ve never made it without your process step by step. We should have approached you from the start! If we submitted it ourselves, it would’ve been a complete disaster”

    “Frankly speaking, I would’ve paid triple the amount for your services, thank you so much for all your assistance, patience and information. Our stress stopped, after your first response back to us.”

    “I feel bad in bugging you so much, asking all these stupid questions all the time. Your fee cannot cover the hours you have spent with me, explaining the process (more than once). Thank you for being there for us”

    “I didn’t know that you offer this service. I paid more than twice your fee. The problem is, that once we paid over this rather large amount, the problems started. Months later, and the problems continued. One of my issues, that I chatted to you about, was sorted within 48 hours by you, whereby this other company took months without any progress at all. If only I knew”

    I could actually print a book with all the comments from various providers that have been struggling with the application to register with the DHET, or compiling the application for accreditation with the QCTO. Both processes can be done in a matter of days, if you follow the correct process and procedure, compile the application accordingly, ensure that you have provided the required documents as stipulated.

    No application is easy, if your “house” is not in order.

    Remember, if you compile the DHET application correctly, with all the supporting documents, it will prepare you for your annual submissions thereafter.


    If you have paid the DHET application fee, this does not mean that you automatically obtain registration. You actually have to compile the documents in hard copy, with the application, include your proof of payment to the DHET, and submit your application file (in hard copy).

    If you have EMAILED your application to the DHET, please understand that this will not be acknowledged, nor will it be accepted. You cannot expect the DHET team to print your documents and compile your application for you. You have to actually provide the application and supporting required documents in hard copy to the DHET.

    If you submitted your application file to the DHET, and you have received your file back via our fantastic postal services, it actually means, that your application was NOT ACCEPTED, in other words, your application was REJECTED. This could mean a number of things. You either completed the wrong application form, or you could have been rejected due to the fact that you are registered as a Trust, a Non-Profit Organisation (NPO).

    The good news is, those who were rejected because of being a Trust or a NPO, CAN NOW re-submit their applications for consideration. If you are not sure, you can contact the DHET directly, for confirmation.

    Okay, that’s me for now, and for a while. Back to work, compiling applications!

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    Nigel Shipston

    At least DHET are taking note of problem issues, such as Trusts, NPO’s and other organisations not being registered by CIPC. Most of these organisations have a great impact on the societies within which they operate and need support in their efforts.

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    Lynel Farrell

    DHET Deadline: COUNT DOWN: 34 business days left for SETA and/or QCTO Accredited Training Providers, nationwide (South Africa) to submit your application for registration with the DHET. Applications must be delivered in hard copy, no electronic applications will be accepted. It is compulsory! Last date of submission is: 30 November 2018!

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