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Confirmation DHET now accept applications from CCs

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    sylvia hammond

    Dear Members,
    Cynthia Reynders the APPETD CEO, who represents providers on the NSA forwarded a copy of a mail from Monica Motloi at DHET – copied in full with date etc, below:
    “From: Monica Motloi []
    Sent: Monday, 19 June 2017 3:47 PM
    To: Chief Executive Officer ; Mandlenkosi Buthelezi
    Subject: RE: Registration of PHEI with DHE
    Good day
    After receiving a legal opinion, DHET now accept applications from all providers e.g Pty and CC. With regard to Financial Statements, applicants will be advised accordingly when evaluating their application forms.
    Monica Motloi”
    So all private providers, please get your applications in to DHET before 30 June 2017, as there is no indication of an extension. I would suggest that everyone who is a CC attach a copy of the email with your application.
    Also to express our gratitude to Cynthia for her assistance, and to the hard work of all members, who have been participating – most especially Lynel and Nigel.
    Have a peaceful evening.

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    Nigel Shipston

    Hi Sylvia,
    This has been confirmed by DHET, although the final word will come from the Minister. It appears that private training providers will now be evaluated within their context of operations, and not in a manner befitting a college.

    Just as a matter of clarity, this original communication was made yesterday early afternoon during a meeting between Lynel and the Registrar, and as a result of submissions I made to the Minister. The mail referred to was sent after Lynel’s meeting, and we can thank Sylvia and the many individuals who believed in this cause. We can also thank organisations like SAICA for appreciating and supporting this effort to alleviate this stressful situation.

    As the JC1 Group, when we started this crusade, there was a noticeable lack of input or support from bodies who supposedly represent the sector. On the contrary, providers have been continuously misguided as a result of miscommunication and a lack of gaining clarity on the numerous issues from appropriate authorities. It would appear that few if any other bodies appreciated the consequences of the Registration process in its original form, nor took any noticeable action to bring this to the attention of the authorities, but rather tried to perpetuate the inappropriate process for whatever reason.

    As a follow up on what was not revealed in this letter, please note everybody, that although no official notification has yet been released regarding the deadline date of 30 June, DHET will continue receiving applications as it is a regulatory requirement for all private training providers, accredited with a SETA and/or SAQA for any Qualification or part qualification, including single unit standards registered on the NQF.

    We are awaiting official notification regarding these and other issues from the Minister who sadly had his mother pass away last week. Our condolences and prayers go out to him in this time.

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    Lynel Farrell

    Dear Members, I have taken up various concerns with the DHET regarding providers being forced to pay R70 000 upfront for surety, which will absolutely destroy some providers – and in fact they don’t even need this. I don’t know who is out there forcing providers to do such nonsense, but lucky for us, we sleep at night, we are honest and provide assistance to providers in the correct manner. For the bogus providers, your days are being counted and we cannot wait for you to leave this industry, so that the honest hard working providers can continue with upskilling learners. If there is anyone working their butts off in assisting providers, it is us, and so we will continue and we will work with the DHET team to close gaps and find solutions.

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    sylvia hammond

    Thank you Nigel and Lynel,
    You have achieved a result that is of value not only to the private prooviders, but also to all those people who are being skilled: those in employment, those hoping to find employment, and those who will be able to earn a living of their own accord.
    Thank you for your hard work.

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