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Application to QCTO/DHET Workshops presented by Lynel Farrell

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      Lynel Farrell

      Good day Providers!
      I am excited to present a workshop on the Application for Accreditation to the QCTO and the Application to register with the DHET. My workshop is a combo workshop that will take you through the complete process of both applications. The workshop dates are based on the requests received from providers per province, and I have secured the venue per workshop.

      The following dates are scheduled:
      18 Jul 2019: Centurion, Gauteng
      19 Jul 2019: Centurion, Gauteng (SOLD OUT)
      29 Jul 2019: Stamford Hill, KZN
      01 Aug 2019: Bloenfontein Central, Freestate
      05 Aug 2019: St Georges Mall, Cape Town
      06 Aug 2019: St Georges Mall, Cape Town
      07 Aug 2009: Summerstrand, Port Elizabeth

      Booking is Essential, and there are limited seats per workshop. Should you like to join any of these workshops, please feel free to email:

      I look forward to meet and work with you!

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      Lynel Farrell

      The workshop that I will be presenting is a combo: The application for accreditation to the QCTO as well as the application for registration with the DHET.

      1. The QCTO application for accreditation, will be dealt with in easy terms, and how an application for accreditation is compiled.
      2. Discussions around moving from legacy qualifications over to the occupational qualification
      3. The nightmare around the learning material alignment matrix – I will show an example of how it is done – in easy terms
      4. Once the application is submitted to the QCTO, what happens next and what the provider needs to prepare for on the site visit

      Then the DHET application for registration part comes in, some providers would have submitted their application long ago, and some would want to apply.

      • The first discussion would be on the current situation of applicants published on the DHET’s website.
      • What to expect in the next couple of months (so that you are prepared and ready)
      • What happens once you have obtained your registration with the DHET – the Annual Report return (just to prepare what is to come, and what is expected)
      • Then the application for registration will be explained, what is required, how it is required, how to comply accordingly, taking the provider through the complete application and what supporting documents are needed.

      For some individuals the information that I will share, might be information overload, so bring with your notepad! If you have already started your application files, bring them with, let us work through them!

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      Lynel Farrell

      Dear Members,
      Please note, that no further dates have been scheduled, and the current dates, have been booked according to the requests received from providers. The workshops are limited to a number of seats only!

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