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Application for Registration with DHET and more …..

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    Lynel Farrell

    Good Day Members,

    For some time now, we have been posting information with regards to the compulsory application with the DHET for Accredited Providers. Our main focus is to assist providers with the applications, in order for them to focus on what they do best: Managing their Business, and upskilling the nation, whilst we, take care of your administrative nightmare, to compile the application for registration to the DHET.

    In a nutshell our services include:

    DHET Application for Registration
    We have been assisting Accredited Providers nationwide, big and small, with the compulsory application for Registration with the DHET, and will continue to assist providers – with little time left before the deadline date: 30 November 2018. We deal with your administrative nightmare to compile the application in the DHET format, and guide you on specific requirements that seems to be impossible to meet.

    DHET Application Fees:
    SMME Provider: R3 300.00 (this includes the R500.00 to DHET)
    Corporate Fee: R4 950.00 (this includes the R500.00 to DHET)
    Remedial Fee: R345.00 minimum charge

    QCTO Application Fees:
    SMME Provider: R3 500.00 (excludes learning material)
    Corporate Fee: R5 700.00 (excludes learning material)

    The fees above, is for us to compile the documents, print in full colour, evaluate all documents to meet the requirements of the DHET. Where documents are not sufficient, we guide you accordingly, format it, declare all documents, and personally hand deliver your completed file to the DHET in Pretoria.

    We will continue assisting providers until the deadline date!

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    Lynel Farrell

    Just venting a bit ………………… perhaps I should have not placed our fees for compiling the DHET application for accredited training providers. I received a call from a provider that I assisted some time ago with a verification, and she advised that she paid just over three times the fee we charge for compiling the DHET application, with endless problems from the start (and continuing). She is a small provider, and the fee that she paid is ridiculous. Please, do your costing before making the decision to make a payment to a business or consultant to assist in compiling your application to register with the DHET. It does not mean, if you pay 3-4 times more, that the service that you will get, will be the best. Just shocked and disappointed that small providers are being charged so much, and because they want to comply, they pay these fees. Just venting ……………… good heavens!

    Then there are the money makers …………. Charging providers a fee of about R600 to compile their application, the expert consultant is paid in cash, the application never reaches the DHET, the consultant’s number does not exist anymore, nowhere to be found………………….. Go figure!!

    In all honesty, if you compile the application yourself, it will take time to put it together (some providers will take 3 days – some will take 8 months or so, and give up), you need to print supporting documents (as per the requirements of the DHET), ensure that copies are certified/declared by Police Commissioner, pay the DHET R500.00 application fee (ensure your proof of payment is in the application, ringbind all the documents, deliver the application file to the DHET in Pretoria or courier it. The address is: Private Colleges, Department of Higher Education and Training, 123 Francis Baard Street, Pretoria.

    The requirements of the application, is the same for all accredited training providers.

    No electronic submissions are accepted at all, no matter who you are, who you know, how big or small your training business is (whether you train externally or internally) – the stipulation is: hard copy application (not negotiable). The fee to pay the DHET is R500.00 (not negotiable) – whether you are a one-man training provider, or a JSE listed company – the fee is the same.

    The application that you need to complete and the guidelines, is found on the DHET’s website – go to resources, then documents, then forms – scroll down to 2008, only download the FPX-01 application and guideline – not the other documents. This is what you need to work with. Yes, the guidelines are outdated, thus, you need to comply with new acts and regulations accordingly.

    I have now completed my venting, thank you for reading!

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