Concerned Providers Interest Group - QCTO/SAQA/SETA issues


We can only stand together, support one another and share information.  We all have concerns, battle with communication, getting answers........... let's assist and drive quality education!

Hi Everyone We have been accredited by MICT SETA since 2011 and were due for renewal last year. We complied after many issues and we have been told that we're still accredited until June 2024, I think, but they are not sending out any accreditation certificates. "If a client needs to know if you are accredited they can call us" Really try that with a tender! Does anyone know what the problem is? QCTO?? What happens after June 2024 do we need to be accredited with QCTO? Does anyone know the process and can shed some light or provide the required service? We are also accredited with SERVICE SETA and are due for its renewal. I will appreciate any comments and advice and we are prepared to chat to providers about the way forward. Kind regards Arnold Muscat

Hi everyone, please find the latest QCTO - road to success guide, which has been published on the QCTO website.

There is valuable information in this guide, that will assist you. I hope that this guide will help you in some of the processes and procedures that have been unclear previously.

Dear members,

I would like to thank each and everyone that has been in support of the nationwide appeal, which was submitted on the 3rd of November 2022. Due to the importance of regulatory programs in South Africa, and the thousands of providers that offer them.

Herewith is a copy of the Appeal that I submitted. I thank many of you that have offered your assistance, help, and guidance - for the love of this industry.

I making an appeal to everyone reading this request for knowledge not to use any politics to interpret the message.

Interesting notice and clarification found on the Foodbev SETA - I thought that I should share this with you. It is clear and to the point.

Foodbev SETA Notice: Clarity on the expiry of legacy qualification
Legacy qualifications that are sometimes referred to as unit standards-based or pre-2009 qualifications will expire as per the circular issued by QCTO in January 2022.

The circular has indicated a learner registration end date of 30 June 2023. This has now been clarified by QCTO. The important dates to note for these types of qualifications are as follows:

Compliments of the new 2023 to you all! We hope that this year will hold success and good fortune in any endeavor you pursue. Thank you for your continuous support, to help us grow. Your support has been the key ingredient to our success.

We are officially back, and ready to start making a difference again!
Have a super awesome productive and successful week!

Can anybody please assist with the registration of First Aid providers with the Dept. of labor.

My registration needs to be renewed and I cannot find anywhere to register

[email protected]

Dear Skills Development Colleagues

Urban-Econ:NIKELA have been appointed to undertake a satisfaction study for the QCTO.

Please consider taking part in this satisfaction survey by following the link below:

Hi all! Does anybody know anything about when the new ETDP Seta system is likely to go live? They are moving over to a new system but the old one was shut down months ago without the new one going live. Our former learners still don't have their statements of results (let alone certificates) and some of our staff's registrations have expired but cannot be renewed.

Careful reading ........ I requested my learning records from SAQA in 2019, and was so surprised that even my Gr12 (Senior Certificate) was recorded on the NLRD. All the Qualifications and Unit Standards through the years were recorded. Every single one of them. And there are more being added, as they are linked to the NQF, they are registered, recognised and bear credits.


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