CIMS SETA Management System - User support


This is a group created to provide a space for users having difficulties with the CIM Seta Management System. Share your questions - see if others have the answer. Any information sent to me I will also post.

Subject: Tourist Guide Institute - Letter of Concern to all Guide Training providers

Good day folks

This has been a rather difficult year, not least of all because of the lack of a CATHSSETA computer system till June 2020, but more so due to the subsequent disastrous and as yet incomplete implementation and rollout of the new CIMS system and database.

A few of the SETAS has started using the CIMS SETA Management system which Providers have to use to register learners and record Achievements as well as a host of other functions including SDF work. CATHSSETA is using it, but I believe some other SETAS are as well.

I have been using, or trying to, for a few months now, and am on the verge of giving up....


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