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JOBS! JOBS! JOBS! (but where?) – lets have a look!

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    One day I decided to do market research into the job market. I began in the classic marketing approach – I pulled a list of a specific industry and started calling.


    These were businesses not specializing in recruitment, they were the clients of the recruiters.


    I asked, “Are you looking for a ‘xyz'” and I asked “what system must I understand/which training must I have had?”

    There a bit of telephone skills came to play.


    The results were that there are actually several groups of attitudes out there:

    1. Some companies only use agents.

    2. Some companies advertise directly to the job market in what they think is a good method (eg. Pretoria News).

    3. Other companies do not use agents at all! In fact they are hostile if they suspect you are an agent – they are hoping that interested candidates approach them directly.


    From this we can see that some business owners don’t think the recruitment system is efficient enough to give the result they want and rely on recommendations while others are indifferent.


    There are also three general responses you tend to get:

    1. No we don’t need people right now/we are a small company.

    2. Yes we need people starting in future time, email your CV.

    3. Yes we need people immediately, please call Mr/Ms Xyz.


    My interest was sparked by a seminar I attended at UNISA where the facilitator said that 90% of all jobs are never advertised. This shocked me because it hinted that 90% of what I do is a waste of time by looking purely for adverts.


    The questions I want to job seekers to think about are these:

    1. Do they ask what the employer wants? (Or do they try to tell the employer what they want to do?)

    2. Do they align their salary expectation to market price, that is what most people pay for that type of work (Or do they try to force employers to pay what they want?)

    3. Do they have the skills and training that the employer is looking for? (Or do they seek to study what they enjoy personally?)


    Tough questions may lead to tough answers, and the quest for employment continues for South Africans yet another day…



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    sylvia hammond

    Excellent information Miro – thank you.  it’s critical that young people know what jobs are available and align their skills and aspirations for money with what is available – rather than what they would “love to do”.

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