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Skills-universe members who are either qualified artisans, or have an interest in artisans

Private (non-funded) apprentices are individuals whose parents/guardians pay for the training provided at campus of the Skills Development Provider.

Placement in a workplace to gain practical experience is a major hurdle for any private apprentice, as most companies do not want to take them in due to the issue of employment contract, COIDA, stipend payment, PPE, etc.

Hi, anyone who has drafted SLA between the skills development provider and the host employer please I need your guidance/help

Please see this invitation from Ashwani Aggarwal,
who is the
Team Leader for the Workgroup (WBL, apprenticeships and RPL) in the
International Labour Organisation Skills and Employability Branch,
of the Employment Policy Department.

Please note that Construction Seta is currently offering a funded programme for ARPL Skills Programme and Easy Capture is currently collecting information of candidates to submit to the Seta.

Programme is for both *Employed and Unemployed* candidates who are in the below trades:
*National Project for all Provinces*

The Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET),
National Skills Authority (NSA) &
Quality Council for Trades & Occupations (QCTO) jointly,
recently hosted a webinar with the Swiss-South Africa Co-operation Initiative (SSACI).
Innovations and Strategies to Upscale & Modernise Apprenticeships in South Africa.

This is the link to a recording of the webinar. It is very worthwhile watching as there were a number of very informative presentations.

I'am a registered assessor and moderator for both merseta and chieta (boilermaker n pipr fitter), also registered with etdp for facilitator, assessor and moderator. Am on the market.

Good day All
I trust that you are all healthy and coping during this difficult period.

My question is this, what are the requirements to practice as an RPL Advisor / Practioner and sincerely hope that somebody out there can assist with some guidelines. I do not want to register as a SDP but am very concerned about highly experienced people that do not have the motivation, time or knowhow as to the achievement of a Part or Full Qualification. Having come through the ranks I know that I can make a difference but do not want to fall foul of any legislation out there.

The DHET have published for comment - by 17 December 2018 -
draft Regulations on the registration of artisans.

The registration will amongst other things - enable a complete register of all national and foreign artisans practising in SA, and also enable establishment of validity of their qualifications.

Please see Government Gazette attached.

Good day kindred spirits

I am in urgent need of Electricians Trade Tested Assessors/Moderators.

Hereunder are my details:

Cell # 082 422 4399
Email address: [email protected]

Many skills-universe members come in to the site on a Friday to update themselves before the weekend. So in a deeply depressing world, it is so good to be able to report on a South African success.


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