Qualifications framework development within the African continent

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When watching weather forecasts - especially those that have the globe circulating, have you noticed exactly how big the African continent is compared to other countries and continents? Then on top of that, imagine a continent that size, with a population of young people. I haven't checked the latest stats - but it's something like the majority of the continent is under 35.

Jet Education Services has published the pre-publication mapping document, which is a foundational move to the creation of a Qualifications Framework for the continent of Africa.

The development of the ACQF has made good progress over the last year or so.

There are 3 aspects that they concentrated on.
1. A mapping study that will be completed by 30 September 2020
2. Developing the ACQF policy instrument with an Action Plan for implementation and
3 Capacity Building workshops and seminars.


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