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Selecting Consultants to assist with Accreditation

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    Nigel Shipston

    Opting to use the services of a Consultant when applying for accreditation with a SETA ETQA is often more convenient and efficient than doing so on your own. However, it is important to note that when choosing a Consultant for this purpose, ensure that they have relevant experience and contact with the SETA ETQA. Each SETA ETQA has different criteria and approaches, so the same principles of applying for accreditation cannot be applied across the board. Consultants offering accreditation services need to be familiar with the SETA ETQA to which you wish to apply.

    For the last 20 years I have focused on TETA accreditation, particularly in the fields of lifting machinery, dangerous goods and First Aid. In the last year I have had a number of providers who I have assisted in rectifying accreditation applications taken on initially by consultants with little or no experience with TETA accreditation. These fields, in addition to accreditation, require approval from relative government departments. The legal constraints in these fields require a QMS that is aligned to not only TETA accreditation criteria, but also the constraints contained within the regulations pertinent to each field.

    Generic services and products relating to accreditation in general are not suitable for these fields. The results of using a consultant without appropriate experience in a specific SETA ETQA are, among others, delayed accreditation, additional unexpected expenses and in some cases, illegal operation due to the consultant not providing the additional approval package following accreditation. I have also encountered a trend of consultants disappearing before the accreditation service is completed, despite having been paid for a full service.

    A note here also regarding Learning Material, there are a number of people offering TETA approved material which aids the accreditation process duration. However, there are a number of people offering material which they have illegally obtained and are trying to sell without authorisation of the developer. The problem is that without the original authorisation letters issued to the developer, these illegally distributed materials will be rejected.

    Should anyone require some guidance in this, you are welcome to inbox me here on Skills Universe.

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    Ebeth Pedro

    Well said Nigel and I could not agree with you more. Being in this field a few years now and working with HWSETA, Services,ETDP,QCTO even knowing these Setas still does not guarantee approval status in a month or two. I feel that there are still to many people out there who just there to take a quick buck and off they go leaving the client hanging dry.

    Liberty Nobula

    Well articulated Nigel

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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