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    Enrico The-Kisho

    Dear Colleagues.

    I trust that you are all well.

    I am strughling for the past 3 years to apply for accreditation to SETA. I am however a registered assessor with ETDP and LG. I have been conned by so many people posing as consultants. The reason I have decided to venture into business is the fact that facilitator/assessor positions – not even freelance ,is available. I have lost confidence in the “copy & paste” tradition called accreditation.

    I have recently tried to register online , but am awaiting feedback from LGSETA regarding the submission. I think I might lack some information here and there and would need a live line as I am really desperate to have this accreditation done as its an obstacle to trade.



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Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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