4th Industrial Revolution

What is learned helplessness? It is the result of our spoon-feeding

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    Cas Olivier

    The more I work with teachers trained in Thinking Tools, the more I notice the difference in their students.

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    Thanks Cas for your post.
    I do understand the overall point, but what is meant by Teach “demarcation”. That word needs some clarification.

    Then the third line about mind wondering. What are the circumstances that would cause a child’s mind to wonder?
    I was thinking about issues of nutrition, home circumstances.

    Cas Olivier

    Hi Sylvia,
    Demarcation is not part of my normal Thinking Tools vocabulary, maybe a pronunciation challenge from my side.

    A wandering not wondering mind is a natural phenomenon and occurs with all.

    You start thinking about something and then after a few second your mind hyperlinked to other ideas.

    If only the teaching fraternity acceptd this as natural, we can uplift the education system.


    Hi Cas,
    That’s a good point – I think that relates to free association – in my experience it often leads to the light-bulb moments.

    Have you read any of Dr Muthivhi’s articles on school children in Venda? Do a google search – I think you will be interested in his findings.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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