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    Zayne Constable

    Hi Sylvia and Cas,

    Career oriented learning experience, yes. This is all accomplished using the blended learning approach (Online, virtual, zoom sessions, presentations etc) to training with the goal of making trainees job ready.




    Thanks Zayne – appreciate your contribution.

    Cas Olivier

    Zayne within blended learning I have a fundamental problem with the flipped classroom part.

    See the video clip.Flipped teaching

    Zayne Constable

    Hi Cas,

    The purpose of the flipped classroom is to make learners responsible for their own learning where they are normally asked to read at home or prepare something at home in preparation for what they will learn about in the classroom the next day.However, most of the learners that I have encountered has a tendency not to do this but if you could make things fun and interactive you will see an immediate change in their attitude. Some of the things I normally do include but are not limited to the following:

    Station Rotation
    Google Classroom
    Quizizz (The name for it)
    Word Search
    Cheat Sheets

    I find that most, if not all of these platforms, almost forces a learner to become more responsible for their own learning because all of these are games played in the classroom with the main focus on grasping the learning content easier. No one wants to lose a game no matter where it is played. All learners study at their own pace and if you can make learning fun they will all participate. The million dollar question will always be: How do you as a facilitator track the progress made by your trainees? How do you know who is a fast learner and who is a slow learner?

    Station Rotation, Google Classroom, Kahoot, Quizizz and Exit tickets answer the two questions above for me as a training facilitator.

    Feel free to share any other ways on how we can make the classroom conducive for learning again.

    Kind regards,


    Cas Olivier

    Once you work with Thinking Tools tracking evidence and progress is a walk in the park with the Formative Assessment Rubric, but that excludes flipped teaching as I do not regard copied work from resources such as textbooks and manuals as a learner’s authentic evidence.

Viewing 5 posts - 6 through 10 (of 16 total)
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