4th Industrial Revolution

There is another learning style ….

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    Cas Olivier

    The more teachers I train, the more I find that they are trained to teach children who are not struggling.

    Once a child does not understand, they use the same method which already failed the child – they re-explained – only slower and better.

    Notwithstanding this, the numbers of children in different classes who do not understanding do not decrease, to the contrary the numbers grow.

    It seems to me that most children do not have an explain learning style.

    I discovered that they have a thinking-learning style.

    When start using Thinking Tools their marks soar and they start enjoying learning.

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    Zayne Constable

    Hi Cas,

    A lot of trainers focus on getting the learners to pass regardless of how they do it. However, each learner learns at a different pace and for this reason, facilitators must start to “facilitate” the classroom and not teach (learned helplessness) the classroom. The impact of 4IR forces trainers to embrace the changes and adapt to it by incorporating blended learning techniques in the classroom using the COLE model. This really should not be something new to facilitators during this day and age.



    Cas Olivier



    Hi Cas and Zayne,
    I am quite sure that there are many people on this site who have no idea what the COLE model is.

    But adults generally do not want to embarass themselves in public by asking.

    So I will ask – are you referrng to:
    career orientated learning experience?

    Cas Olivier

    @Sylvia, over to Zayne in his post ….

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 16 total)
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