4th Industrial Revolution

Rethinking our skills development strategies

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    Suzanne Hattingh

    The 4th Industrial Revolution has brought the “exponential pace of change (that is) disrupting every industry in every country (and) impacting every aspect of how we work and how we live, creating threats and opportunities”. (Morgan: https://bit.ly/2lHu4Ej) These exponential disruptions will not affect all industries and occupations to the same extent or at the same pace. But, ignoring the impact of 4IR is as short-sighted as believing five years ago that the internet and electronic communication would have little impact on our work and lives. Therefore, we urgently need to rethink our skills strategies that are failing to prepare the current and future workforce for Industry 4.0. The figure in the attachment from https://bit.ly/2OI6o0i illustrates the exponential pace of change and innovation.

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    Tass Schwab

    Thank you Suzanne, your recent webinar made me pat myself on the back at the way I am working, but also alarmed me. Thank you for this incredible wake up message that you are putting out there to the Skills Development World.

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