4th Industrial Revolution

High time to replace memorising with thinking

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    Cas Olivier

    Learners are growing up in a so-called data economy and are confronted with an explosion of knowledge that is characteristic of the information age and which is closer to them via the internet than the distant teacher in front of the class. Learners of the 21st century want instant and incremental endorsement and support on their learning progress. Listening to an explanation today, only to be assessed on it in two weeks, is not acceptable to them.

    Learners want to construct their own ideas, concepts, hypotheses and theories that serve as platforms for further thinking that enables them to understand their world, gain insight, solve their problems and be creative. They want to know why they are learning. In contrast with passive, behaviourist studying, learners of the 21st century need to become part of an interactive workforce where they can function as thinking engineers.

    Currently, potential thinking engineers are sitting in dinosaur teaching classes

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