4th Industrial Revolution


We are already in an age of high tech and artificial intelligence. What skills will be needed to ensure that we are equipped to deal with the future changes to the world of work?

MeerKat SKA 47
MeerKAT Radio Telescope

All graphics below reproduced with permission of the South African Radio Astronomy Observatory (SARAO). 

Remote work is no longer just a nice perk offered by some companies. These days, it's a key benefit employees have come to expect. Following the recent Covid19 pandemic, as companies return to their offices, many are finding value in a hybrid work model that still allows flexibility.

This was riddle I wanted to unravel since my days as a junior teacher. I spent hours and hours sequencing, in those days on transparencies which was projected on a screen by means of an overhead projector.
When writing and sketching the information that must be transferred to the students’ brains, it was always difficult to choose between a permanent or a non-permanent ink pen. Permanent pens provided you with the benefit of permanency and the water-based pens the benefit to change the information on the transparency on-the-go. One could not have the luxury of both.

The complete eLearning Thinking Tools course for will be available mid-December.

I am currently recording the Thinking Tools course for teachers with 8 teachers from London schools wanting to enable their students to think and their marks to excel.

In the meantime, you can watch a preview that demonstrates 3rd party interaction. I selected a part based on a typical educational fabrication on which our kids are educated.

The eLearning Thinking Tools course for teachers is in the making and will be available mid-December.

Currently recording with 8 teachers from London schools wanting to enable their students to think.

In the meantime, you can watch a preview that demonstrates 3rd party interaction on a recorded course.

Thinking Tools achieved new heights and insight.

Self-regulated learning is now replaced by self-educated learning.

Thinking Tools is a dynamic thinking and communication means which empowers learners to engineer and master knowledge, gain insight and solve problems in self-educated ways.

Because of the unique approach, experience taught us that self-regulated learning is now replaced by self-educated learning.

Is not that what the Fourth Industrial Revolution expects of us - to empower ourselves?

The more teachers I train, the more I find that they are trained to teach children who are not struggling.

Once a child does not understand, they use the same method which already failed the child - they re-explained – only slower and better.

Notwithstanding this, the numbers of children in different classes who do not understanding do not decrease, to the contrary the numbers grow.

It seems to me that most children do not have an explain learning style.

I discovered that they have a thinking-learning style.

It is learners who are spoon-fed with PowerPoint sides and therefore not empowered to seek facts themselves.

The more I work with teachers trained in Thinking Tools, the more I notice the difference in their students.


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